Five for Friday

This week SC and I didn't do any traveling, and I felt like it gave us a chance to settle into a nice little routine.  This Sunday we are heading to the Big Apple, so wish us luck on our little trip!  It's SC's first time in the big city!

Since we've been home this week, I made it a goal to really get serious about giving SC her three pureed meals a day, in addition to breast milk/formula.  While it is definitely a messy project, she seems to be taking to it a lot better.  I had gotten stuck on the fact that she didn't like rice cereal, but trying grains flavored with fruit worked  (thank goodness).  I'm hoping we are on our way!
Wednesday was a beautiful and cool day, so I made sure to get a walk in outside and I also spruced up our balcony a bit.  These geraniums that my mom gave me for my birthday in March are still hanging on, which makes me happy.  My grandpa used to grow them, so I always think of him and my grandma when I see them.
My sister-in-law's shower will be a few weeks after SC's surgery, and since I don't know how recovery will be, I'm trying to pull everything together beforehand.  I was excited that the invites already arrived and I love these four canvases that I found at Home Goods.  I think they will look so cute in the nursery.  Today, I'm picking up the crib skirt that they wanted (somehow they are sold out online), so pretty soon I will have our gift pulled together!
I ordered some more necklaces that SC can use to teethe on and she really loves them.  I know most of you probably wouldn't be caught dead in one, but at this stage I can't wear other necklaces around her, so I will take what I can get!
This girl! 
Happy Friday!  I hope you enjoy every moment of your weekend!


Annie said...

I think that necklace is cute!!

Elle Sees said...

such a dang cutie pie! I am glad to hear she's eating some purees!