New York, New York!

This past Sunday, we headed up to NYC! We were both pretty anxious about how the trip would go with SC in tow, but she exceeded our expectations.  Apparently she is more of a city girl than her parents are!

Sunday afternoon we headed out from Union Station.  We thought about flying, but taking the train ended up being easier and we had more space, which was helpful.
After we got all settled in, we headed to Central Park to enjoy the beautiful day!
SC went on her first carousel ride, which was a really sweet memory for me. I don't think she cared one way or another, but her dad and I enjoyed the process.
She also played a little chess with her dad. 
After our walk, we went to a burger place and picked up dinner. 
That evening we headed to the M&M store and just enjoyed the bright lights of Times Square. On Monday, we switched hotels, and they let us check in early, just in time for SC's mid morning nap and feeding (I was so thankful for this!). SC was relieved to discover they have mirrors in NYC too. 
And the beds seemed just as comfy as at home too!
After that I walked SC up Madison Avenue to Laduree.
Where I got an afternoon treat!
I then decided to check out the MoMa. I like some modern art, but this one exhibit made me laugh. It is a room of cardboard  designed to make us aware of our space.    Well, with a stroller and diaper bag, I am pretty aware of my space. I wonder what the security guards think of this exhibit?
SC didn't seem to care. They also had a pile of straws. One person's trash is another person's art?
I hope I don't offend;I actually really enjoyed other parts of the museum. The Degas exhibit was my favorite, and I am glad I got to see it. After all that excitement, SC was ready for a nap. 
That evening the husband and I went back to the MoMa for a reception. We enjoyed looking at the art and mingling. 
The husband was more impressed than SC had been earlier that day. 
We headed back on Tuesday, and we were thankful for such a nice time! Even though it isn't easier to travel with a baby, we both agreed this was our favorite trip to the Big Apple!


MWH said...

haha! Cracking up about the boxes and straws! I guess I just don't see how it's art? Glad you had fun. Looks like a nice little trip.

Annie said...

What fun!!! Memories for the three of you and a good addition to the baby book!

Elle Sees said...

so glad to hear you had a great trip to NYC! esp with a little one as your travel buddy. the cardboard made me LOL--and the straws? The 2 yr old I nanny for can do that in 2.5 seconds.