A Quiet Summer Weekend

We had a quiet summer weekend, which was absolutely perfect.  We took no less than three trips to the pool and two family walks.   
I took advantage of some quiet moments during nap time to wrap a present for our friend's new baby girl who arrived last week and put together the favor boxes for my SIL's shower.  Originally, I was thinking of trying to make elephant cookies, but with SC's surgery recovery unknown, I decided now was the time to take a shortcut.  I actually think the boxes are really cute.  Amazon Prime for the win! 
SC is starting to get her teeth (her top two middle ones, surprisingly), but she still gave us some good nights of sleep, which after last weekend, the husband and I are a little more aware of and appreciative of.  Those restful nights led to relaxed and fun mornings.
So all in all, a great weekend for our little family.  How was yours?


Annie said...

A little water baby! Love the pic and she and your hubby - the second one especially! PS cute favors!!

Elle Sees said...

That sounds like a fabulous weekend. Love the pool time. She seems like such a happy baby!