A Very Belated Fourth of July Recap

For the first time since we moved up here, we didn't have any plans for the Fourth of July, and I was actually really happy about it.  As I mentioned, SC started refusing her formula last Wednesday that we have to supplement with, which meant that she wasn't sleeping well either, and I was tired and excited for a break.  A few months ago, we finally realized that she had a milk allergy, so we switched formulas to Nutramigen.  Since she was refusing it, I thought I would try a soy based formula, on the off chance that she liked it better.  Well, that wasn't my brightest idea.  While she did take the formula better, she also broke out in a bad rash Sunday and started swelling on her arms and legs.  The husband and I are definitely both in the "better to be safe than sorry" camp, so we took her to the pediatric ER to get her checked out.  They gave her a steroid, which helped with the rash, but it also amped her up, so we had another few tough nights.  Fortunately, we seem to be getting back to normal, but SC has had a difficult time of it lately.
 So while those events may have overshadowed the entire weekend, Saturday was actually really nice.  The husband wasn't working so he could actually hang out with SC. He picked out one of her many outfits on Saturday.
 I think he may like her new blocks more than her.
The husband explaining the lack of vowel blocks to SC.
And by the evening of the Fourth of July, even SC could muster up a smile. 
So hopefully this sweet girl will be on her way!  How have you been doing? 

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MWH said...

That's not fun! Hopefully she's feeling better and that you get some rest!