Five for Friday!

Hurray for Friday and a long Fourth of July weekend coming up! Here has been what has been going on in my world lately!
SC and I went to my parent's house on Wednesday and Thursday, so SC could go to an ENT and audiologist appointment at the same hospital she will get her surgery. They confirmed that she does have fluid in her ears (this is because her Eustachian tubes don't function properly due to her cleft palate). The good news is she hasn't had any ear infections yet (crossing our fingers), which I consider a miracle. So it doesn't look like there is any nerve damage, and we can just get tubes put in when she has her surgery and that should help with drainage.  The little visit normally wouldn't be a big deal, but on Wednesday night SC decided to start protesting formula (and I didn't have enough breast milk), so no one got very much sleep, which made it a little tough.  But despite the lack of sleep, SC and I still enjoyed the time with my parents!
Lately I have been thinking about all things flamingo, and couldn't resist picking this up for SC.  I'm such a sucker for trends...
I also picked up this little outfit for SC to wear.  Normally I try not to splurge too much on baby clothes, but I really think the smocking on this piece is gorgeous. 
I took advantage of Sugar Paper's warehouse sale and ordered a few things.  I can't wait to mail out a few notes!
The scalloped swimsuit I ordered almost a month ago from Old Navy finally arrived!  I'm actually glad I bought it.  I hadn't ordered a new suit in about five years, so it was time for an update.  I love the scallop detail, and I think it is somewhat flattering.
I hope everyone has a happy Fourth of July weekend!


Annie said...

I love all 5 of your things today. Especially the good news about SC and her ears...that she hasn't had any ear infections. AND that you're a tough Mama!

Elle Sees said...

i hope you had a great 4th!! that is awesome about her ears. a true miracle!!!