Nine Months with Sarah Catherine!

Sarah Catherine is nine months old today!  This seems like such a big milestone, and she is certainly more like a toddler than a newborn now.  SC is more mobile even though she isn't technically crawling yet.  Somehow she manages to roll and stretch her way to where she wants to go.  Occasionally she can go from laying down to sitting up, so it seems like her core is pretty strong; she just hasn't figured out how to coordinate everything.  She probably takes after me! 

Likes: SC loves swimming and now bath time is her new favorite thing.  She also loves it when I kiss her belly, and when we bounce her up and down. She adores clapping and putting everything she can in her mouth is always interesting to her.
Dislikes: She doesn't really like getting her diaper changed, but our "change, change, change your diaper song" seems to amuse her. 
Highlights:  SC is starting to get her two front teeth!  We also discovered her soy allergy, so that is good to know.  Her nine month appointment is tomorrow, so we will get the official results from her allergy tests then. 
SC continues to be such a sweet baby and it is really such a blessing to watch her personality develop.  This upcoming month isn't going to be an easy  one, but SC is one determined little baby!


Annie said...

She is so strong!!! And her two little teeth are coming in - how exciting! Molly Anne is crazy on the changing table so I've had to give her a toy to play with. It sorta works to distract her haha! We'll be thinking of you guys this month!

Elle Sees said...

I saw your pics on Insta and couldn't believe she's at 9 months already!!