I wrote this little post when SC was just a few weeks old and saw it the other day in my drafts. Even though it is nothing profound, it was a nice reminder of how precious these moments are.
Can I confess that despite getting up numerous times each night, the time goes by so quickly? A part of me almost likes being up at what seems like all the hours to see what actually happens at two and five in the morning. There are the sounds of the trash truck and the gentle roar of airplanes taking off from Reagan, but the most important are your whimpers, gurgles, cries, false starts and, if we are lucky, your gentle snores. I love that you are a noisy baby. I find all of your sounds reassuring, showcasing your exuberant spirit. If you weren't to wake me, how else would I see the sunrise? 


Elle Sees said...

lovely sentiment!! I'm glad you shared it.

Annie said...

So sweet!!! Those moments were precious I know!

Tess said...

Crazy how time flies!