Five for Friday!

I am so excited that I finally got it together to do a Five for Friday today! I had such a great visit with my parents.  Even though I do go and visit them often, usually there is a doctor's appointment or some other reason, but this time was especially relaxed and fun. My mom and I stuck to our diet program (it definitely helped to have a "buddy") and we also got some shopping in.  It does feel good to be home though!
The husband and I started watching Silicon Valley a few weeks ago. While it is a bit crass sometimes, overall I think it is pretty funny and we've really enjoyed it
Last week I started packing up our china for our move. It is being stored at my parents' house for awhile, and I already can't wait to pull it out. As a side note, I am not sure an almost toddler is the best assistant!
While at home I took a trip to the Dollar Store and found these adorable books. I had actually been looking for something like this, but the books I found were a little to advanced, so I was really happy to find these.  And I love the cheerful illustrations!
For a baby shower I'm attending in a few weeks, I have to bring a baby picture of myself.  As I was looking through my pictures from my trip home, I thought it was neat to see almost the exact same shot of SC  and me with my parents' piano. 
My sister bought me a copy of Shauna Niequist's book Present over Perfect.  I've only been able to read a few pages of it, but I can already tell I'm going to enjoy it. 
So that is what up with me lately!  How has your week gone?  I hope you have a nice weekend! 


saw said...

Those baby books look so cute!!! Can't get over how much SC looks like you in the piano picture!

Annie said...

Oh my goodness, she is your twin in that baby picture!!!

Need to hit up the dollar store for those books, thanks for sharing!

StephTheBookworm said...

Those books are super cute! I always check the book section when I'm in the dollar store.

Aw, love the side by side of you and your daughter. I definitely think she looks like you!