SC's Cleft Palate Recovery

I am so relieved and thankful to share that Sarah Catherine tolerated her surgery well, and she is pretty much back to herself (except for the fact that she is definitely teething).  She is also crawling and exploring everything she can, so we are all on the move! 

I won't recap a play-by-play of the surgery and recovery, but I am so glad that it is behind us.  Since the day she was born nine months ago, we had been thinking (and dreading) this day.  Yes, I was always glad that she would be getting it repaired, and I was also very thankful that it wasn't something more intense such as heart surgery, but it has truly weighed on us.  Before SC's surgery, my sister sent me this beautiful card (with an even more reassuring message), and it really reassured me and helped me focus on being positive.
I know that we are really lucky with lots of family support, a good surgeon, and the fact that my husband could take off work to also be with SC, and I will always be so thankful for that. 
 With that said, it is always hard to see your child in pain, and those first few hours post-surgery were hard.  When we first saw SC she was obviously disoriented and upset, and she was still a bit bloody from the surgery. But SC is really a trooper, and even the day of surgery, she attempted to drink from her bottle.  Since she was able to drink a little they released us the next day, and once she got home she even played with her toys.
Understandably, she wanted to be held as much as possible, which was something that we were happy to do.  I worried about her being inconsolable or hysterical, but apart from the transfer from the recovery room, we were always able to quickly comfort her. Her post-op appointment isn't for another week and a half, but I am so glad that we are on our way!
 How have you been lately?  It is crazy to think that August is already here and the summer is winding down!


Annie said...

Oh I'm SO glad all went well. You all are amazing for staying so positive! Sending hugs!

MWH said...

So glad everything went well and that SC is recovering happily at home!

Elle Sees said...

Whew! Glad everything went well!

violinista said...

Glad everything went well! When my daughter had her cleft palate surgery this past May it was also so hard to watch her suffer after surgery. But kids are so resilient and she improved every single day. So glad it's behind you!