Ten Months with Sarah Catherine!

Last Thursday marked ten months for SC!  Honestly, when I wrote up the nine month post, I thought I would have nothing happy to report this month, as I thought the surgery would dominate everything.  While it certainly was a major part, lots of other things happened too!
Stats:  On Friday, SC had her post-op appointment, and she weighed in at 19.2 pounds and 28.5 inches long. Her mouth is still healing, so she needs to keep a diet of milk/formula/purees for the next three weeks, but it seems like she is enjoying the purees more than in the past, and I'm really trying to push the solids.
Highlights:  On August 1st, five days after her surgery, SC started crawling and she has been going ever since!  She still says "mama" when she wants something/is annoyed and also when she is just babbling. We are working on other sounds, and hopeful that the palate repair will help with that.  She is getting her teeth in; two on the top and two on the bottom. 

Likes: SC still loves bath time and pool time, so we make sure to keep getting those activities in.  She has become so much more playful this month, and she loves it when we tickle her tummy and toes, and she think that when I shake my hair around it is the most. fun. ever. She will usually follow me around the apartment, and is pretty amused by our pantry doors while I'm washing bottles in the kitchen, and also loves to check out any buttons she can push.  So far, the one on our DVR is her favorite.

Dislikes: SC isn't a fan of getting her diaper changed, so we definitely have to distract her during that process.  She also hates it when I put lotion and her pj on after bath time.  Now that she is more mobile, she will just roll over and crawl away, which I actually find really funny.  She is extremely interested in whatever other people are eating around her, and she will get upset that she can't have any. I think moving onto more solid foods with her once her mouth heals will help.  At least that is what I'm hoping!

I had been dreading this month, but SC really endured everything so bravely.  Even though the "age of exploration" keeps us on our toes, I love watching her sweet personality develop.  She really is so interested in everything and wants to see the world.  And by the world, I mean our apartment, grandma and grandpa's house, and Target!


Annie said...

Good job Mama!!!

StephTheBookworm said...

She is so adorable!

My little guy loves buttons too, especially the cable box and DVD player. Ugh!

Elle Sees said...

YAy for the update and glad to hear she is healing up!

ms. mindless said...

Andrew hates the post bath lotion and pajama routine too! He rolls over and crawls away from me and now he gets up and runs!!! These babies are a trip!