Weekend Recap: A Baby Shower for my SIL!

I know I have been sporadic about blogging lately, but I am hoping to be better soon. Last night was the first time SC had slept through the night since her surgery, and I feel the traveling and house hunting wears on me too. The happy news is that we are in the process of closing in a house, with a mid-September move. So soon I will be droning on about paint swatches and room inspiration. Have no fear!

This weekend was really special, as our little family went to my parent's house to celebrate my sister-in-law and brother's baby who should be arriving this October! Our whole family is just so excited and I know my brother and SIL are going to be the best parents. The shower was co-ed and super relaxed with burgers and hotdogs, complete with corn hole in the back yard.  While it was different than what my mom and I had initially thought, it was really fun and a great way to celebrate my niece to be. 
It was also neat because some of my cousins met SC for the first time too!  I can't believe that just last year was my shower.  A lot sure has changed!
I also got to spend a little time with my sister. Our visit wasn't as long as I would have liked, but it never is. I already can't wait until she visits in September! As an aside, my sister and I both have matching "best aunt ever" shirts, and I can't wait to really sport mine in a few months!
Sunday our family hung out, and I also took a few "maternity" pictures for my SIL. It was a spur of the moment thing, but those pictures are my favorite. I asked that we take them outside for better light and they obliged. Despite the fact that it was so hot that my camera lens fogged up. August in Virginia is no joke, and my SIL is a trooper!
 This weekend made me even more excited about the upcoming arrival of my niece! BTW, if anyone has any newborn photo tips, I am all ears! I plan on helping with those in October!


MWH said...

So cute! Looks like a perfect time. And this weather is no joke, every time I go outside my sunglasses fog up!

Annie said...

Oh how exciting about you getting to be an Aunt! I'm sure you all had the best time celebrating! AND A NEW HOUSE?!!!! YESSSS!!!! How awesome!