Five on Friday!

This week feels like it zipped by, but we got a decent amount of stuff done around the house.  This weekend we will probably be wrapping up our projects and taking a break on any home improvements for awhile as the husband starts his new job.
I haven't been doing too much cooking lately, but I did try this maple roasted carrot salad from Ina Garten.  It's pretty involved for a salad, but it is tasty and perfect for fall!
The husband has been working super hard to get all the painting done, and we are both so relieved to have a significant portion behind us.  He finished the living room, and I can't believe what a difference it has made.  Even though the color before wasn't that bad, the gray feels so much more modern and lighter.
Parts of our house are going to feel a bit bare for awhile, but this week our new bed arrived!  We have to order a box spring still, so we aren't completely up and running, but we are getting there.  I also decided to order these nightstands from Target, after reading the positive reviews (and they come fully assembled which seems like a huge bonus to me).  Honestly, the scale with the king bed seems a bit small, but if we get tired of them, we can always move them downstairs to the guest room.  Just getting our nightstands arranged feels huge!
The previous owners of our house took great pride and their yard, and it shows.  The husband and I are intimidated by trying to keep it looking half as nice, but before it completely goes downhill we are enjoying the fruits of their labor.  Even though the yard isn't huge, it has an apple tree, which I really like.
I was on the fence about if I should order some moving announcements, but I ended up buying these from Walgreens.  They were pretty inexpensive and were done in an hour, which you can't beat.  I was a little disappointed by the quality, as they do look like something you could easily just print at home, but I do think the design is cute. Now to get them in the mail!
So that is what is up with me lately!  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Our First Weekend in our new Home!

It has been a week since we've moved into our new house, and while we are still getting settled in, it is starting to feel like home. Despite our long to do list, on Saturday afternoon we decided to take SC to the ocean for the first time!  Even though it was just a quick outing, it was so much fun!

On Sunday we also relaxed because my parents came to visit for the afternoon!  It was nice to show them that some progress had been made since they helped us move last Monday.  
The husband and I are also proud owners of a lawn mower.  I guess we are really living the life of home owners now! This week we are hoping to get some painting done, but we will definitely be taking it slowly with SC on the scene.

SC is 11 Months!

In the midst of our move, SC turned 11 months on Sunday!  While it took me a few days to locate the stickers and quilt, and SC is way to interested in the 11 month sticker to focus on smiling, here is her update in all its glory!
Stats:  She was weighed three weeks ago for her post-surgery check up on her ears, and clocked in at 20.2 pounds, so she is at least that.   I am definitely feeling that she is no longer a newborn!
Highlights:  She is crawling and now that we are in a house with stairs, she figured those out pretty quickly (so scary!).  She also learned how to clap and wave, and really enjoys doing both of those activities.  She isn't walking yet, and is still trying to figure out how to stand on her own.

Likes: She really is getting into solids so much more which is a relief and she hates it when you eat in front of her if she can't have some. Eating Cheerios and Puffs is a huge event for her and one she really enjoys. Who knew that a little snack could bring so much joy?!

Dislikes: She is a girl on the move and really hates laying still while getting her diaper changed or getting dressed.  She has been a trooper with all the car trips and traveling, but we could tell that it was hard on her. 

We've sent our her first birthday invitations to our family, but it is hard to believe that she is going to officially be a toddler soon!

Our Move!

Well, I ended up taking a little blogging break while we moved.  There was a lot of traveling back and forth at the end which I feel is hard on SC, and then ends up being kind of tough for all of us.  All things considered, I think she did great and we are somewhat moved in to our new home!  We closed on our house last Thursday, and then immediately the husband worked on painting SC's room and the upstairs guest room.  Eventually we are going to paint the living room and kitchen, but it was great to get those spaces taken care of.
On Saturday and Sunday we headed back to Arlington and met my sister and her husband who had flown in from Florida for a visit.  It wasn't a very relaxing visit for them because they helped us pack up all of our belongings and then on Sunday we loaded up the moving truck and drove down to my parent's house as a mid-way point. I seriously can't thank them enough because without them I am pretty sure we would still be trying to pack up our stuff and at the very least, we would have broken something.  I actually had to drive back up to Arlington for an early morning dentist appointment on Monday, so I did that and the husband and my brother and parents drove to our new home on Monday.
These past few days we've just been unpacking, hanging out with SC and trying to accept the fact that our belongings look a bit like doll house furniture in our new house.   I think it will probably be that way for awhile and I'm okay with that.  After living in a relatively small space, it is so nice to spread out and have extra space.  I adore having a pantry and so many kitchen cabinets, and of course I'm delighted that SC finally has a room of her own!

Labor Day Weekend Recap!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend! It started to feel like fall with cooler temperatures and the beginning of college football. Even though I'm not a huge football fan, I know it is super important to my husband.  So I made sure SC was dressed the part of a proper Hokie fan.
My FIL was also visiting, so Sunday morning SC had lots of play time with her grandpa.
We attempted to take a family picture in front of our apartment building for prosperity, but we had some mixed results.
And then we said goodbye to my FIL and headed to my friend's son's birthday party!  My husband and I took turns trying to take pictures, and I think we got some good ones of my friend's family.  She had definitely put a ton of work into it, and it was super cute.  She even made the cake (apple caramel) and it tasted amazing!
I was really happy that we could attend, as we've been friend's since undergrad and seen each other through different life stages. 
On Monday we decided to finally get serious about our car search. We went to a Nissan dealer to look at a Murano (because my brother and SIL love theirs) but decided that was too big. We test drove a Rogue, and I think we have narrowed our interest down to the compact SUVs. So we are making a little progress at least! How was your weekend? 

Five for Friday

I can't believe that this is the last official weekend of summer!  The husband had his last week of work at his old job this week, so it is really feeling like this chapter is closing. I headed down to Richmond yesterday afternoon for SC's last follow up appointment this morning, and am so relieved and thankful to have that behind us. I say bring on the moving boxes and fall!  I am already dreaming of having our first trick-or-treaters this year.  

We have been soaking up the last few days of summer with trips to the pool. I have to admit that I will miss seeing this ruffle diaper next summer.
It seems like SC has been especially busy exploring. She has gotten really good at pulling up, which sometimes surprises me.  She is also teething and will happily chew on any book she can get her hands on. It doesn't seem like very much is safe in the apartment!
The husband and I keep getting even more excited about the prospect of having a house, and now we are thinking about paint colors. For SC's room I want to decorate it bright pink and white (yay for the curtains arriving), but I am debating if I should paint the walls light pink or white. Any thoughts?
This weekend my husband's dad will be visiting, but I am also going to my friend's toddler's birthday party on Sunday. I am so excited about these BabyLit books, since he likes camping and trains.
I did this a few months ago after seeing it on Pinterest, but did you know that you can request a congratulations note from the White House when your baby is born? We received ours and I just think it is so nice. I might frame it and hang it up in SC's new room, but at the very least, it is going in the baby book! I am also going to be sure to request one when my niece is born this October!
So those are my five for the week!  I hope everyone enjoys the last weekend of summer!