Five on Friday!

This week feels like it zipped by, but we got a decent amount of stuff done around the house.  This weekend we will probably be wrapping up our projects and taking a break on any home improvements for awhile as the husband starts his new job.
I haven't been doing too much cooking lately, but I did try this maple roasted carrot salad from Ina Garten.  It's pretty involved for a salad, but it is tasty and perfect for fall!
The husband has been working super hard to get all the painting done, and we are both so relieved to have a significant portion behind us.  He finished the living room, and I can't believe what a difference it has made.  Even though the color before wasn't that bad, the gray feels so much more modern and lighter.
Parts of our house are going to feel a bit bare for awhile, but this week our new bed arrived!  We have to order a box spring still, so we aren't completely up and running, but we are getting there.  I also decided to order these nightstands from Target, after reading the positive reviews (and they come fully assembled which seems like a huge bonus to me).  Honestly, the scale with the king bed seems a bit small, but if we get tired of them, we can always move them downstairs to the guest room.  Just getting our nightstands arranged feels huge!
The previous owners of our house took great pride and their yard, and it shows.  The husband and I are intimidated by trying to keep it looking half as nice, but before it completely goes downhill we are enjoying the fruits of their labor.  Even though the yard isn't huge, it has an apple tree, which I really like.
I was on the fence about if I should order some moving announcements, but I ended up buying these from Walgreens.  They were pretty inexpensive and were done in an hour, which you can't beat.  I was a little disappointed by the quality, as they do look like something you could easily just print at home, but I do think the design is cute. Now to get them in the mail!
So that is what is up with me lately!  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Elizabeth at The Lovely Latte said...

I'm sure the painting makes a huge difference. Love your little apple tree! We have a peach tree left over from the previous owners of our house. Such a fun surprise.

MWH said...

We started painting this weekend. It is not my favorite thing to do! Not looking forward to starting the trim...