Labor Day Weekend Recap!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend! It started to feel like fall with cooler temperatures and the beginning of college football. Even though I'm not a huge football fan, I know it is super important to my husband.  So I made sure SC was dressed the part of a proper Hokie fan.
My FIL was also visiting, so Sunday morning SC had lots of play time with her grandpa.
We attempted to take a family picture in front of our apartment building for prosperity, but we had some mixed results.
And then we said goodbye to my FIL and headed to my friend's son's birthday party!  My husband and I took turns trying to take pictures, and I think we got some good ones of my friend's family.  She had definitely put a ton of work into it, and it was super cute.  She even made the cake (apple caramel) and it tasted amazing!
I was really happy that we could attend, as we've been friend's since undergrad and seen each other through different life stages. 
On Monday we decided to finally get serious about our car search. We went to a Nissan dealer to look at a Murano (because my brother and SIL love theirs) but decided that was too big. We test drove a Rogue, and I think we have narrowed our interest down to the compact SUVs. So we are making a little progress at least! How was your weekend? 


Elle Sees said...

great weekend!! love the pics of y'all. She's such a happy girl! good luck on the car search.

Tess said...

Those party details are adorable! Your girlfriend did a great job