Our Move!

Well, I ended up taking a little blogging break while we moved.  There was a lot of traveling back and forth at the end which I feel is hard on SC, and then ends up being kind of tough for all of us.  All things considered, I think she did great and we are somewhat moved in to our new home!  We closed on our house last Thursday, and then immediately the husband worked on painting SC's room and the upstairs guest room.  Eventually we are going to paint the living room and kitchen, but it was great to get those spaces taken care of.
On Saturday and Sunday we headed back to Arlington and met my sister and her husband who had flown in from Florida for a visit.  It wasn't a very relaxing visit for them because they helped us pack up all of our belongings and then on Sunday we loaded up the moving truck and drove down to my parent's house as a mid-way point. I seriously can't thank them enough because without them I am pretty sure we would still be trying to pack up our stuff and at the very least, we would have broken something.  I actually had to drive back up to Arlington for an early morning dentist appointment on Monday, so I did that and the husband and my brother and parents drove to our new home on Monday.
These past few days we've just been unpacking, hanging out with SC and trying to accept the fact that our belongings look a bit like doll house furniture in our new house.   I think it will probably be that way for awhile and I'm okay with that.  After living in a relatively small space, it is so nice to spread out and have extra space.  I adore having a pantry and so many kitchen cabinets, and of course I'm delighted that SC finally has a room of her own!

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Dina Gideon said...

How did I miss all this! I am so so happy for you all. Congratulations on your new home! I know you will make it look super pretty and lovely!