A Thankful Weekend!

Overall this past weekend just makes me feel so thankful.  I know it is cheesy, but it was just so good for our whole family to be together and to spend time with our newest addition.  The love everyone has for the granddaughters/nieces is just so overwhelming.
We drove to my parents' house on Saturday morning, and arrived a little after noon.  My mom had made a big lunch, which we all enjoyed together, with everyone taking turns holding the baby and entertaining SC.
 We spent a lot of time admiring my niece.  She is just so teeny tiny. As a side note, I love that she wears her little newborn hats.  I could never get those to stay on SC.
 My brother-in-law also took a few pictures in honor of SC's birthday. He and my sister were especially good at entertaining SC.
Sunday afternoon we drove back home, but still made it back in time for a trip to the pumpkin patch.  We took tons of pictures, so I will bore you all with those sometime later this week.  Now that SC is getting more interactive, it's getting to be so much fun to do activities with her.  How was your weekend? I'm just loving this fall weather!

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Annie said...

Love all of these sweet pictures! And so happy for you Auntie!!! Can't wait for pumpkin patch pictures!