Five for Friday!

Happy Friday!  This weekend we are off to visit my family and see my little niece.  My sister and her husband are flying in, and I can't wait to see everyone!  But before the weekend, here is my five for Friday!
I finally decided to go ahead and hang up the rest of the pictures that I had for SC's room.  Why I couldn't have done this last week before both of our families came to see the house is beyond me, but at least it is done now, imperfect as it may be.  I just love this print with her pink walls.
With the beautiful weather, I decided to take SC to a park close to us.  Quite frankly I don't think she was super amused by the bucket swings, but at least she enjoyed the walk there.
With our new dining room table, I feel that we are getting close to having that room somewhat done for now, and I'm hoping we can bring it to completion soon.  I decided to make these little prints, but it is still undecided if the husband is going to veto it or not.  I thought it would be fun to hang these on each side of the door.  Thoughts? 
I've been trying to be really serious about SC transitioning completely to solids, and I'm excited that this cookbook I bought last spring has recipes that we all can eat. As a side note, I totally gave up making baby food purees and it was a good decision.  The whole transition is tough enough without having to cook and puree every darn thing.
I loved seeing Young House Love's kitchen reveal this week.  I have also been enjoying their podcasts whenever I get a moment to listen.

So those are a few things that have been going on with me lately!  I hope you have a great weekend!


Annie said...

Love those prints for your kitchen!

Elizabeth at The Lovely Latte said...

Love the picture for SC's room and that cook book looks interesting. Madeline has just started finger foods and its so fun watching her try new things.

The Lovely Latte

Laura Darling said...

Love your wall hangings! Glad you're enjoying the sunshine!

StephTheBookworm said...

I love that cute print in her room! Also love the ones you did for the dining room. Happy weekend!

Elle Sees said...

Love all of the prints! I hear ya--I have gone through that "I'm making everything" phase. It's just not practical all the time. She'll love having more of the solids

Anonymous said...

LOVE those prints for your dining room! SO cute! - McKenzie (