Five for Friday

I feel like SC and I are finally settling into a routine, which I really love.  Our lives are pretty quiet, but here are my five for Friday!
On Tuesday my husband's work had a ceremony for him and the other new attorneys at his job.  My mom came up for the day to take care of SC, and I was really glad I could attend.  I wasn't able to take any pictures, but I am so proud and happy for him. And we were even able to slip in a lunch date!

In more mundane news, I took SC to our little weekly trip to the library, and she enjoyed exploring the interactive exhibits. I was also successfully able to register her in story time on Monday, so that will be starting in a few weeks.  I am so excited about that; I was seriously like a crazy person poised as soon as the registration opened online.
While at the library, I picked up When Breath Becomes Air, which I had wanted to read for awhile.  As I expected, it was sad, but such a worthwhile read.

In lighter news, I decided to get a few new sweaters for fall because some of my things are just looking worn.  Last weekend I ordered this sweater from the GAP and it arrived on Thursday.  It fits nicely, and I can't wait to wear it come Thanksgiving and throughout the holiday season. I also bought this one from Old Navy.  I love the bright color and  it is a great casual sweater.  All the better for SC to wipe banana on!
While I try to make sure that there is something pretty exciting for SC every day, it turns out that laundry is kind of her favorite thing.  Fortunately for her, there is no shortage of it, so we can definitely fit that in the routine!  I try to make it exciting, and she claps when we close the laundry door together and she loves helping take things out...we are still working on where exactly they land once they come out, though!
So those are the riveting things going on in my life lately.  We are looking forward to a weekend at home, and I'm hoping we can finally get a few more things done around the house. I hope you all have a lovely fall weekend!


saw said...

I wish I could see the laundry excitement in action ;) Sounds like fun! Hope you guys have a great weekend! :)

Annie said...

Look at her doing the laundry!!! Cute sweater too! Enjoy your weekend!

Elizabeth at The Lovely Latte said...

Your little laundry helper!

The Lovely Latte

StephTheBookworm said...

I really like the sweaters you chose! I just ordered some new ones for fall too.

I'm so glad you'll get to go the story times! They really are great for kids to attend. Literacy + socialization. Okay, enough of me being a librarian right now lol. Have fun! Can't wait to hear about it!