Meeting our Niece!

On Saturday morning my niece was born! Since it was the weekend, we were fortunate enough to be able to go visit her just hours after she had arrived into the world.
She is so perfect and has the most delicate fingers, just like my SIL.

This picture makes me feel especially fortunate, as my brother and I are both holding our daughters!  Both girls are truly such a gift and blessings for our family.

On Sunday, they came home from the hospital, as they knew that everyone would be more comfortable at home. We were eager to do what we could to help, so I cooked a meal for them, while my husband did a little straightening and cleaning. SC did her part by making sure to make things festive.

 They are settling in well and just enjoying their precious baby girl.  Our whole family is so very thankful that both my SIL and niece are healthy.  She really is a miracle!
What a joyous occasion and we are so excited this little baby is officially here!


Annie said...

HOW SWEET!!!! She is precious and I love the picture with you and your brother holding your babies! Of course you cooked them a meal - you are so thoughtful. Congratulations Auntie! Being an Aunt is so fun....get them hopped up on sugar then return them! You have many fun days ahead of doing that! :)

StephTheBookworm said...

Congrats on your new niece! She is precious!

Elle Sees said...

COngrats, Aunt! What a cutie pie!