One Year with Sarah Catherine!

I know a lot of parents feel that the first birthday is bittersweet, and while I am a  bit sad that SC is no longer officially a baby, I also just feel an overwhelming sense of thankfulness for everything that has happened in this past year.  This time last year my husband and I were so happy that SC had finally joined us, but we were also so worried.  We didn't really understand what it meant that she had a cleft palate and we were just beginning the feeding journey.  SC was fussy because she wasn't getting enough food and we were stressed because it felt like we didn't know how to do anything (and we didn't!). The surgery hung over us for nine months, and I truly felt so much dread and worry.  Like every child, I know we are just getting started, but I am just so glad for what is behind us and can't wait for what is ahead!
Highlights: She still says mama, but is starting to make other sounds.  They aren't very distinctive consonant/vowel sounds, but I can tell that she is experimenting and playing with language, which is good.  She also loves when we repeat sounds like "pa pa pa pants".  She loves waving hi and bye and she will clap her hands when I say "yay" in a happy voice. She isn't walking yet, but if we hold her hand, sometimes she will walk with us (it usually only lasts a few seconds).
Likes: She loves puffs and will feed them to you too, which I find really adorable.  We have always thought of SC as a determined baby, but now I feel like there is a sweetness that shines through. She thinks it is hilarious when I wrinkle my noise and say stinky. She still loves bath time, clapping , helping with laundry, and generally seems like a pretty content toddler.
Dislikes: She really doesn't like when we tell her no, so that is something we are going to have to work on. I have been trying to redirect her and that usually helps. 
I am so thankful that she is our darling girl!  It has been such an incredible year of growth and development for all of us and I am so glad we get to grow together!


Annie said...

Aww love her little one year pictures!! She is precious!!

Laura Darling said...

What a cutie pie! So glad you had a fun first year!