SC's First Birthday Celebration!

While today is officially SC's first birthday, we celebrated last weekend!  We had different members of our families coming at various times throughout the weekend and staying with us, which meant the whole weekend was one long celebration!
For the party, I made a little birthday table in our formal living room.  It was fun to look at her monthly photos and see how she has grown!
On Friday afternoon my FIL arrived and we visited and he also unpacked our "new" dining room table that has been in my husband's family.  It really is a beautiful piece and it is so exciting to have something finally in the space! After my husband came home from work we visited and opened presents.  It was so nice to have this time together.
On Saturday morning my husband's aunt and uncle stopped by on their way back from the beach and we had more present opening and they also got to see our new home!  My aunt is such a sweet person, and I was especially excited that we could do a little celebrating with them too.
They all had to head back that morning, but then my husband's mom and grandma arrived for the festivities, and my parents joined shortly afterwards!  SC had her smash cupcake, and even though she wasn't too interested in eating it, I think she enjoyed deconstructing it.  
Here are the four generations together! I think it is so fortunate that SC has a great-grandma.
My parents have really done so much to help with SC since before she was born.  The love that the grandparents have for her is truly incredible.  You can tell from this picture that my dad could not be more delighted in her.
Since Sunday was a beautiful day, we went to the beach! It was really relaxing and such a pleasant day.
I am so thankful for this birthday girl and the time together with our families!


Annie said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!!! You have so many people that love you and it's so obvious from the pictures!!! Congrats Mama on surviving a year! Ha! Let the fun begin!

StephTheBookworm said...

Aw, happy birthday little one! Beautiful pictures. So glad you guys had a great time celebrating.

MWH said...

You were busy! Happy Birthday to that sweet girl!

Elizabeth at The Lovely Latte said...

So fun! Happy birthday, SC! She looks like she had a great time.