Thursdays Thoughts

I probably should save this post for a Five for Friday, but here are some random thoughts/confessions for Thursday!
I actually read Miller's Valley last week.  I really enjoyed it, but it distracted me from cleaning the house more and  fussing over SC's birthday bash. Once I start a book that I like, I usually read it a bit like a possessed person until I'm finished. 

There is so much around the house that needs to be done, but I feel like we're kind of stalling out a bit.  One of my friends is coming to visit in November and I'm hoping to get the kitchen painted by then (and maybe get an actual kitchen table in there too!).  At the very least, I feel we need to get a few more things on the walls and some curtains hung, but I just feel at a loss.  All of those years of dreaming on Pinterest and staring at House Beautiful are not paying off.

I am pretty convinced that I am keeping Shutterfly afloat, and I haven't even bought our holiday cards yet!  I'm currently stressing over the fact that I need to do SC's one year album, which is kind of silly because I really have until Christmas to get it done. At one point I was thinking of trying to make albums for all the grandparents in time for SC's first birthday, but that was just a crazy idea.  Why I feel like I need to do stuff like that is just beyond me.

One perk of not traveling so much is that I can actually get stuff done during SC's nap (when we are traveling I try to time the car trip to coincide with a nap time).  Not being in the apartment means I can actually wash dishes, etc., but I feel like during this time I get a bit frantic trying to figure out what I should do first. Most of the time I choose eating lunch and checking blogs.

It takes a serious amount of self-control for me to not buy a ton of baby clothes.  My mom gave SC a lot  when we moved so we really don't need anything, but I seriously can't resist sometimes. I think the problem is the cuteness to cost factor is just too tempting.  I did buy SC this little dress on Monday when Gymboree had free shipping but resisted buying this and this.  I kind of regret it though.  

I really enjoy Bravo's programing a little too much.  I haven't been able to watch much lately, but I've been sure to keep up with Below Deck.  I have no idea why I enjoy that show so much, but I really do. 

So there are a few confessions and thoughts for Thursday!  Anybody else have an obsession with baby clothes, Shutterfly or Bravo?


saw said...
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saw said...

You made exactly the right purchase; no regrets. ;)