Thanksgiving 2016

Since we traveled for Thanksgiving it felt especially busy this year!  Last year, we just went to my parents' house, and it was as easy as traveling with a newborn could be.  This year, I headed to my parents on Wednesday morning and my husband met us that evening after work.  We were there for just 24 hours, but had Thanksgiving lunch together and I really enjoyed seeing my sister especially.

My SIL and brother hosted, and they already had all of their holiday decor out (which is super impressive considering they have a six week old baby who isn't too keen on sleeping!).

My brother-in-law is apparently the baby whisperer when it comes to my niece!

After Thanksgiving lunch, we hit the road and then drove to my mother-in-law's house.  It was only about a four hour trip from my parents, which helped SC.  My MIL was really sweet, as she made a little bunny tea party for SC. 
 On Friday we celebrated Thanksgiving with my husband's family, and it was great to see everyone.
On Saturday, my FIL and husband headed to the VA Tech football game, and SC and I hung out with her grandma and made an art project for her room.
Sunday morning it was time to head back, but on our way we stopped by our friends' house to meet their new baby.  It was a great visit, but SC doesn't quite know what to do with all these new babies!
Then I stayed Sunday night at my parents' house to break up the trip a bit for SC.  Before we headed back on Monday, we got a little visit in with my niece.  This newborn stage is so precious. 

It was a bit of a whirlwind trip staying four different places and five nights, but it was worth it! Now Christmas is in full swing.  We are determined to scale back a bit this year, so I think I have most of the presents ordered, but it's time to put up the tree!

Weekend Recap and Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Monday!  I'm so excited that this is a short week and am looking forward to Thanksgiving!  Last Monday I met my mom in Williamsburg again, and we visited Yankee Candle's Santa Village.  It definitely got me excited for Christmas.
I drove down to my parents on Friday and then met one of my friends and her son on Saturday.  It was so great to see her and watch our toddlers interact!
Of course, while I was there I also spent some time with my niece for a few hours on Friday.  It is amazing how quickly she is growing!
I drove back late Saturday afternoon, and was excited that the husband had cleaned up the house and tackled the last little painting spot by the fridge.  I was worried we were going to have mismatched walls for quite awhile since the fridge is so tough to move....

On Sunday, our little family finally made it to church!  While I know this is a normal undertaking for so many people, for us it seems a bit like a gargantuan task.  But we did it, and I hope this is the first Sunday of many!  We decided to try SC in the nursery and she lasted thirty minutes before they beeped us, so that is actually longer than I thought she would make it. That afternoon, I worked  on a Shutterfly album and calendar for my MIL and ordered a few Christmas cards as well.  I think the album's make nice gifts for the grandparents, but they are so time intensive I feel you have to start pretty early. I will be signing off for the rest of this week, but I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving!

A Few Scenes of Life Lately!

I dropped off the blog last week just because because things were busy and the election truly did stun and dishearten me.  But one can only spend so much time reading and thinking about that, so here I am checking in with a quick post! Besides thinking about the election, we also took a day trip to Williamsburg, had two play dates, story time, and SC's one year visit, besides the usual errands and chores.
SC's one year appointment went well and she seemed to recover just fine after the shots, but I did love how she cuddled Little Bear that afternoon.
Our weekend  was a relaxing one, but we did manage to get the kitchen painted and this little corner beside our house is finally looking a little more manicured.
The husband pulled up the rusting trim and we took out a vine that seemed to be overtaking the area and attracting bees.  I know it seems silly but these two projects really gave me such a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment (despite the fact that my husband did most of the work).
I think this week will somehow end up being busy too. We are taking another little day trip to meet up with my mom, which SC and I always enjoy.  So that is what has been going on with us lately!  How about you?

Home Tour: The Dining Room!

I love when other bloggers do posts about their homes because I usually get some good ideas, and I also just think it is fun to see how other people decorate.  As a side note, when we were house hunting, I had high expectations that I would be inspired by the decor and I was kind of surprised that people really didn't have their homes decked out like I thought they would, so it made me appreciate all the blogging inspiration even more!

With that said, I haven't posted very much because our home is very much in progress and it will be that way for awhile most likely.  Nonetheless, here is our dining room as the original owners had it.  They had been in the home for many years and obviously made the space their own.
Here it is now...a whole lot emptier and blue!
We will eventually change out the light fixture (hopefully sooner rather than later), add a buffet, a rug, and curtains.  But at least we have a few things on the wall.
And we do have a dining set, which is more than we had for the first month we were here.  Fortunately, my FIL and husband's aunt saved the day and passed down the one that has been in my husband's family.  We both think it is beautiful, and it means so much that it can be in our home now.
So that's the dining room progress thus far!  Any suggestions?  This is very much a work in progress!

Halloween 2016!

This halloween was so much more fun now that SC is a toddler!  Last year, she was tiny (and we were exhausted), so getting her dressed up in anything felt like a huge obstacle to overcome.  This year, was  exciting though!  Even though she doesn't understand what is happening, she seemed to enjoy her duck costume and she helped answer the door to a few trick-or-treaters. 
We didn't go door to door, but we did parade her on our doorstep and sidewalk, and she seemed to like that.
 I also read One Duck Stuck to her, mainly for my own amusement.
So here is to many more halloweens and bring on Thanksgiving and Christmas!