A Few Scenes of Life Lately!

I dropped off the blog last week just because because things were busy and the election truly did stun and dishearten me.  But one can only spend so much time reading and thinking about that, so here I am checking in with a quick post! Besides thinking about the election, we also took a day trip to Williamsburg, had two play dates, story time, and SC's one year visit, besides the usual errands and chores.
SC's one year appointment went well and she seemed to recover just fine after the shots, but I did love how she cuddled Little Bear that afternoon.
Our weekend  was a relaxing one, but we did manage to get the kitchen painted and this little corner beside our house is finally looking a little more manicured.
The husband pulled up the rusting trim and we took out a vine that seemed to be overtaking the area and attracting bees.  I know it seems silly but these two projects really gave me such a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment (despite the fact that my husband did most of the work).
I think this week will somehow end up being busy too. We are taking another little day trip to meet up with my mom, which SC and I always enjoy.  So that is what has been going on with us lately!  How about you?


Elle Sees said...

i hear ya--I only blogged 3xs. I just needed a break from everything.

Annie said...

Wow you guys have done a lot lately. I bet it's wonderful taking a little trip to Williamsburg...it's so gorgeous there. And that one year appointment is not fun but glad to hear she made out well!

Trista @ The Classy Chaos said...

I cannot believe she is one! But I've been out of the blogosphere for almost a year so I suppose the math adds up! She's beautiful! Hope all is well!

Laura Darling said...

Your shrubs look awesome! We have some outside chores I want to get done before the winter starts. This is good inspiration! I'm glad she recovered quickly after her shots! That's never a fun thing!