Home Tour: The Dining Room!

I love when other bloggers do posts about their homes because I usually get some good ideas, and I also just think it is fun to see how other people decorate.  As a side note, when we were house hunting, I had high expectations that I would be inspired by the decor and I was kind of surprised that people really didn't have their homes decked out like I thought they would, so it made me appreciate all the blogging inspiration even more!

With that said, I haven't posted very much because our home is very much in progress and it will be that way for awhile most likely.  Nonetheless, here is our dining room as the original owners had it.  They had been in the home for many years and obviously made the space their own.
Here it is now...a whole lot emptier and blue!
We will eventually change out the light fixture (hopefully sooner rather than later), add a buffet, a rug, and curtains.  But at least we have a few things on the wall.
And we do have a dining set, which is more than we had for the first month we were here.  Fortunately, my FIL and husband's aunt saved the day and passed down the one that has been in my husband's family.  We both think it is beautiful, and it means so much that it can be in our home now.
So that's the dining room progress thus far!  Any suggestions?  This is very much a work in progress!


Elizabeth at The Lovely Latte said...

What a transformation! Our previous owners had certainly, um, made our dining room their own, too! ;) Its amazing what a little paint and a lot less clutter can do. I love the colors you chose - so light and airy. And I love the dining set - such a beautiful, classic set that you can use forever.

Elle Sees said...

I've never had a dining room, anywhere I've lived, so I'm clueless! I do like neutrals with pops of color :)

MWH said...

Looks totally different! Nice work. Light fixtures really can change the entire dynamic of a room, usually at a pretty decent price.

Annie said...

Love it! Check Craigslist. We found our china cabinet and buffet on there!

StephTheBookworm said...

I really love the blue and those floral prints! Nice job on the dining room so far!