A Little Holiday Decorating: SC's Room

A month ago my mom texted me asking me if I would like the pink Christmas tree that she used to have in my grandma's room when she lived with them.  I jumped on it a bit unsure of if it would be too much pink.  It is, but I love it.
  And it is really perfect for SC.
 My mom had also bought these glittery bows, which may be a permanent addition.
While going through old decorations, I found a little nativity.  Even though it isn't geared towards children, it isn't breakable or too small to be a choking hazard.  So far, SC has had a blast chucking baby Jesus and other figurines in her ball pit. 
 Eventually, I'm hoping we can add an advent calendar to our decor, but I'm loving how everything is looking even if it is very pink and glittery. Now onto the rest of the house!


Elle Sees said...

I love it!! My sis, now 21, still uses the pink tree I got her as a kid.

MWH said...

I used to love playing with our nativity as a child. That was before they had the children's versions like they do today!

Laura Darling said...

So cute! I love the pink tree!