A Visit to Dickens Christmas Towne

A few weeks ago I looked up holiday themed activities to do near us, and I got super excited to see that they had a Christmas Dickens Towne! The husband wasn't quite as enthused, but to appease me we decided to check it out on Saturday.  It definitely met my high hopes and even the husband was impressed!  When we arrived we were greeted by carolers and a talking Christmas tree.
The next stop was a petting zoo complete with miniature horses. SC was too little to truly enjoy it, but I hope that we can check it out more in future years. 
What SC did really enjoy was the miniature train that they had.  She was super fascinated and really couldn't get enough.  While we walked around and checked out the juggler and puppet show, we just kept coming back to the Christmas train!
 It was pretty much the best thing ever in her book.
A distant second for her was an exhibit where you could throw snowballs at Scrooge's house. The husband definitely liked that one the most, but SC was also a big fan.
What I was most excited about was that Father Christmas was also there!  As expected, SC wasn't quite as interested to see him. Oh well, maybe next year!
All in all, it was so well done with so many different interactive things for children and a fun way to spend part of our Saturday. I hope this will be an activity we can do for many years to come!


MWH said...

Throwing the snowballs is hysterical! Glad you all had a nice holiday filled weekend.

Annie said...

Looks fun and festive!!

Trista @ The Classy Chaos said...

Trains are the best! They have always captivated my little ones!

Elle Sees said...

Aw!!! So glad she had fun! I'd love that train too. What a cool experience! I was in England once for Christmas!