Christmas 2016 Recap!

This was our first year celebrating Christmas in our new home and our first time hosting!  The Thursday before Christmas my FIL arrived to celebrate with us.  Since the husband had work on Friday, we met him downtown during his lunch break and then just hung out at home afterwards. His mom arrived later that evening and then Saturday was Christmas Eve!
We kept things pretty quiet for SC, but went to the family Christmas Eve service.  It was really wonderful.  A great message over the sounds of restless babies and children, and singing Silent Night with glow sticks instead of candles.  A joyful service indeed!
That evening we played a trivia game after SC went to sleep, and then on Sunday morning it was Christmas Day! The husband made cinnamon rolls for our Christmas breakfast.
Meanwhile SC had her banana muffin and apples in her high chair.
I felt a little bad because my husband and I actually didn't buy SC gifts this year, but her grandparents, great-grandma and great-aunt made sure Santa was good to her! 
It was so much fun to watch SC explore the presents under the tree.  She enjoyed opening this gift for about thirty minutes!  It's clear she is an only child!
SC's great-aunt and uncle gave her these really nice silicone blocks, which so far I think all the adults may be enjoying a bit too much.  Fortunately SC usually is down with sharing.
That night we went about making the ham, green beans and crescent rolls.  Originally, I had a bigger meal planned, but no one seemed overly interested, so we just kept things simple.  I had never made a ham before, so my FIL assisted.  We tried this new glaze recipe, which was delicious and easy. 
So, all in all a wonderful Christmas Day celebration!


Trista @ The Classy Chaos said...

We didn't buy gifts for our baby's first year of Christmas. He was only a couple of months old and we didn't see a point! I'm loving all the photos. SC is adorable. Glad you all had such a fun Christmas and hope you have a Happy New Year!

Annie said...

Such a sweet day!