Five for Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!  This week seemed to go by quickly, since SC and I came back from my parents' house on Monday and the rest of the week seemed pretty busy with some play dates, trips to the park, and story time.  We also had a trip to the allergist and she confirmed that SC does have a milk and possibly an egg allergy.  The good news is that she will most like outgrow it, but getting the prescription for the epi pen was a bit sobering. I am glad that we are getting this figured out though because her former pediatrician didn't really give too much guidance, and I really didn't know how to go about weaning her.  Now that we did the initial testing we can move onto almond milk and away from the expensive formula!  With that side note, here are my Five for Friday!
We've been slowly pulling out our holiday decor, and so far SC is a fan.  Who can resist the fun game of pulling ornaments off the tree?  Certainly not SC!
I am so excited that Sugar Paper did a collaboration with Target again!  While it seems silly to need a planner since I'm home with SC, I find that I actually use it quite a bit.  It was super handy with all of her medical appointments last year, and I find it's helpful to have a place to keep notes.  The husband is getting his Christmas shopping done early this year. ;)
A few weeks ago my MIL sent SC these bath time stickers. We'd had some difficulty with SC standing up in the bath tub, but these were perfect to distract her a bit more and motivate her to stay seated.  I highly recommend adding them to your toddler bath time fun, if you are in the market for such. (And probably everyone already knows about them, but it was the first time I had ever heard about it...)

For some reason I decided that this year it would be fun to try to cross stitch a few ornaments.  I'm  attempting to make some to give as gifts, but this is the third ornament completed (and one of the three was so imperfect that I decided to keep it).  This one I thought would be fun to give to my friend who loves pineapples. 
I'm going to try to do a little lighthouse ornament next for my husband's aunt and uncle who love the beach, so we will see if that gets done before Christmas...

And just to prove to you how inefficient I've been, let me tell you about our holiday cards!  As Shutterfly and Tiny Prints kept sending the 10 free card coupons, I kept ordering our cards in a piecemeal fashion.  Instead of just ordering the same card over and over again, I decided to keep trying different designs because I always felt like I never got it right (I wasn't happy with the family photo).  So as I mail out cards this year I will literally have five designs to choose from (below is the first one to arrive).  I know it is absolutely bonkers and next year we are getting a good family picture and then I will order the cards with just one design. This whole thing is actually making last year's card look like a legitimate Christmas miracle.
So those are some of the things new with me!  Are you all getting in the holiday spirit?  It really is my favorite time of year!


Elle Sees said...

your ornaments turned out SO well! I haven't made my cards yet. It will be charlie as always ;)

Trista @ The Classy Chaos said...

I love the picture in front of the tree! She's adorable. And I'm impressed with the ornament making! Sub a good idea. :)

bJn said...

Your ornament is adorable! Can I ask, do you do the finishing yourself? I'm needlepointing a few Christmas ornaments for this first time this year and am a bit apprehensive about the finishing process. Do you have any tips/suggestions/

Jillian said...

that pineapple is SO cute! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

StephTheBookworm said...

I think it's actually really cool that you have five different cards. Fun! What an awesome ornament you made too!