Five for Friday

I know my Five for Fridays are a bit of a broken record...but it's nice to have a record of the little things that make up our days.  This week has been pretty low key, except for the fact that the husband under the weather for the last half of the week.  I'm hoping and praying SC and I don't get whatever it is. But on the upside, it made me realize that we haven't been sick since SC was born, so that is definitely something to be thankful for!

I really want to get  this children's book for myself and also to read with SC as she gets older.  It seems like such a poignant reading of the Christmas story this year.
On a lighter note, last week I noticed that SC really enjoyed pulling our post-it notes apart, so I decided to pull out these stickers that I had bought a few years ago after Christmas.  They were a whole twenty-five cents for 400 of them, and have provided hours of entertainment.  At the beginning I would give her a sticker and she would walk it over to her dad.  We would clap, and then begin the whole process over again.  Now we've moved onto "decorating cards", but she still thinks it is pretty much the greatest thing ever.  Needless to say, I think it is the best thing I bought for under fifty cents.
I definitely get into a cooking rut, but I made a new recipe from SC's toddler's cookbook this week and it turned out delicious.  With the butternut squash and kale, it is a perfect fall/winter recipe.
SC completed her six weeks of story time!  I had to laugh when she got her very first participation is already beginning!  In all seriousness, we've both loved this time at the library.  She may come for the bubbles, but I've loved all the new books I've checked out on our weekly trips. I'm hoping we will be lucky enough to make it into a class for the next rotation.
During nap time I've been working on Christmas wrapping, and I'm relieved that I'm almost done.  (As a side note, I think this coffee mug  sums the season up perfectly.) Even though we really are keeping things fairly simple, it is amazing how quickly it all proliferates.  I've also been trying to sort through some of our Christmas stuff a bit, and getting that organized.  Our parents have officially passed on our ornaments and angel collections, so it is time to get that under control!  I love these organizational tips.
So that's it my friends!  May you have a healthy and festive weekend!


Elle Sees said...

I think that is great she's doing stickers!! Fabulous for her pincher grasp, too! Have a great weekend!

Trista @ The Classy Chaos said...

I don't know what it is about stickers, but they are a parent God send. They will keep my kids entertained for hours. The hope is they don't get stuck on anything they shouldn't be. Haha. That book looks great! My boys love books and reading. I so hope that lasts them a lifetime. :) Love that mug! Have an amazing weekend! And stay healthy!