Holiday Decor in our First House!

Tis the season to deck the halls! The theme for this year was definitely recycling what we had and eagerly accepting what my mom was happy to pass along to us.  So we have a hodge podge of things...sparkly Christmas, country Christmas, pink Christmas...  A part of me thought about not doing this post at all because our holiday decorating is so eclectic (to put it nicely), but then I remembered how much I love my other Christmas posts of our humble decor, so it seemed a shame not to document the decorating we've done!
Our Christmas card commemorating our new home!
First up, the entry way!  My parents gifted us this real wreath for our door, and I am glad that we don't look like the neighborhood Scrooge at least.
When we first bought this house I had visions of adding lots of real garland to our entryway railing and stairway, but we don't want to call SC's attention to this area anymore than we have to, so I just tied a wreath on and called it a day. 
We put up a tree in our formal living room.  I decorated it with the plastic ornaments that I've had for several years now.  The husband has never been a huge fan of them, so no one is super heartbroken as SC pulls them off and bounces them around the room. 
Originally we were going to get a real Christmas tree for our living room space, but decided against it since SC has had so much fun pulling our Christmas ornaments off of our small artificial one.  Both my husband and I had nightmares of pine needles everywhere and laziness won out. But at least those stockings are hung!
The one thing I did buy was this little tree to go in this nook that is between our living room and kitchen. I thought about adding little ornaments, but I actually like how natural it looks.
I picked it up at Michael's for $8 and as much as I love it, SC is an even bigger fan and toted it around the house all afternoon for her own amusement. I guess that is the beauty of sturdy artificial decor!
So that's the Christmas cheer we have in our entryway and living room.  Does anybody else feel like this month is going by too quickly?


Annie said...

I love that picture of her carrying around that tree! Everything looks fabulous!! Seems mighty festive to me!

Trista @ The Classy Chaos said...

Your Christmas Card is perfect! And I love real wreaths. I make one every year for our door! And your new home looks beautiful!