Trimming the Tree!

Saturday afternoon we decided to go ahead and get our very first tree together! Having a real tree is something we kind of had been dreaming about since we were married and started celebrating Christmas together, so I'm so glad that we actually did it!  SC thought it was great fun.
We ended up getting our tree at Home Depot, because we thought it would be the most cost effective.  They marketed this tree as a 5-6 foot one...and the husband is over six feet tall, so we felt like we were getting a great deal too.
Once home, the husband begin the arduous task of cutting off the stump and actually getting it into the tree stand.  SC and I supervised.  It was a tough job, but we managed.
Sunday afternoon we actually got around to decorating the tree!
And of course taking ornaments off the tree...
Due to SC's enthusiasm, we put the special ornaments near the top.  I love this one my FIL gave us last year.
 It's so much more fun now that SC can "help" us decorate.  It's hard not to share in the enthusiasm as she merrily walks around double-fisting ornaments!

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