Packing for Maine!

When I flew to Florida with SC in February, I felt like I had way too much stuff with me that I didn't really need, and it seemed to just make things a little more stressful.  (SC and I also had bad colds too, so that certainly didn't help.)  With those experiences behind me, I'm attempting to try to not over pack quite so much.  This trip should also be easier because my husband is coming along and SC is no longer drinking milk from bottles.  I have high hopes that it won't be too much of a circus, but I know that by the time we make it through the plane and bus rides we are all going to be pretty bedraggled.  

With that said, here's what I have in my carry-on so far. For entertainment we have two mini books, play doh, a sticker book, one board book, a mini puzzle, a new baby doll with diaper and bottle, an egg with a new Little People figurine inside, window clings and her beloved bunny.
 It seems like a crazy amount of stuff, but it condenses to one gallon ziploc bag, plus the book and doll.  Of course, I'm also bringing an Ipad, which will most likely be the key entertainment,  But with three and a half hours of sitting on the plane/bus, I feel like we need to have a few toys in our arsenal.
 For the necessities, I'm bringing wipes, diapers and an outfit change.
I plan on also bringing her sippy cup, a million food pouches, lots of Aunt Annie's individual sized snacks, a water bottle, changing pad, birth certificate and my super small cross-body purse.  Even scaling down, it has certainly filled a backpack! Any additional ideas?  I thought it'd be helpful to do this post, because every time I pack, I'm scrambling to think back to what I did before.  I guess that's what happens when you don't travel on the plane that frequently!

Weekend Recap: Friends and Baseball!

This past weekend was a fun one for us!  On Friday morning, my friend and her family arrived for a visit!  I always love seeing our two kiddos together.  We've been really good friends since freshmen year of college, and it's so sweet to go through similar stages together.  After lunch and nap time, we hit up the beach and then stopped by our favorite pizza place on the way home!
Saturday we visited the aquarium, which both of the tots enjoyed.
After nap time, we decided to go to the park and then my husband found a nice restaurant for dinner that was child friendly, but the food was also really good!  We don't usually go out very often, so finding a good local place is always exciting. They headed out that evening, but I'm hoping to go visit them in about a month to celebrate my friend's son's birthday.
Sunday was so relaxing, with just some quiet playtime, a trip to Target and then a baseball game that afternoon!  Our realtor actually hosted the event, and SC loved it! I think she might not have realized that an actual game was going on, as she was super excited about all of the watermelon and snacks.
My husband was excited to take her to her first game!
It was such a fun family outing for all of us!
How was your weekend?

Weekend Recap!

As I mentioned on Friday, my parents and sister came to visit this weekend!  I know I'm fortunate that I get to see my parents a lot, and considering that my sister is a plane ride away, I get to see her pretty frequently too.  But I still really cherish our time together and saying goodbye is always a little tough.  Fortunately, my sister is coming back at the end of August, so I'm looking forward to that!

SC was a lucky lady with her doting aunt and grandparents meeting all of her heart's desires.  
 Saturday was rainy, but we still managed a little neighborhood walk and bubbles.
That morning, my husband and dad also took care of SC while my mom, sister and I got to go do a little shopping.  I thoroughly enjoyed our little Saturday excursion, and thankful to the husband who is always happy to host his in-laws.
Sunday it was a beautiful day, so off to the park we went!
 I am so lucky to have my two sweet Sarahs!

Five for Friday!

Happy Friday!  My sister is flying in for the weekend, and my parents are also coming to visit, so I'm very excited about this weekend!  This week seemed busy as we wrapped up story time, met my husband during his lunch break, had a play date and met with one of my friend's and her baby!
I bought this cute dish towel for a friend who loves pineapples, and I'm planning on saving it for Christmas and pairing it with this cookbook.
This week we also had a not so fun visit to see the allergist, but the good news is that it looks like her milk allergy might be getting better!  We have to do a milk challenge to see, but I have high hopes that yogurt and cheese might be in her future!
I tried to come to the appointment prepared with no less than three stuffed animals, food pouches and stickers galore.
SC's newest "trick" is blowing kisses, which melts both my husband's and my heart.  I may have spent the better part of Tuesday morning making videos of her blowing kisses to send to family.  She also does this when we leave during naps and night time, which I love.

The weather hasn't actually been so miserably hot lately, so we've visited the park a few times this week, much to SC's delight.
Have a wonderful weekend!  I can't believe August is almost here!


We haven't been up to too much lately, but I wanted to share a few photos from when my parents and brother's family came up to visit last week for a quick visit.  

To keep things interesting, we set up a pool for the girls to play in inside.  They loved it, and it kept everything contained! The silicon blocks SC had were a huge hit, as both girls are in the midst of teething.
They also enjoyed brunching together.  Fine cuisine included fruit, eggs and, of course, puffs.
The toy vacuum from my sister and brother-in-law was also super entertaining for the under two crowd.
This is totally random, but I love seeing my niece in some of the clothes SC wore last year.  Who knew that a sleeper could bring back so many memories?
We didn't take that many pictures, but everyone enjoyed being together, even though traveling with a baby is never easy.  I hope these sweet girls will be forever friends.

SC is 21 Months Today!

I always feel a bit silly doing these updates, as I know they aren't the most riveting, but I know these little details that seem so matter-of-fact now will be forgotten in just a few months.
This past month has been a big one, as we finally took away the bottle.  I was starting to feel anxious that we had let it go on so long, but I'm glad that we were able to wait until she could comprehend what was happening.  Poor girlie is also getting her two year molars in, so nap time and bed time are no longer as easy as they once were, but I'm still really proud of SC.
SC likes saying bye bye, and we've started doing that when I leave the room for nap time and bed time, which is a fun game.  She also enjoys saying "uh oh" whenever something falls.  I love hearing her sweet voice.
She's becoming more independent, but she still reaches for my hand and sits on my lap during story time.  She prefers sitting in a regular chair during meal time now, and ultimately likes sitting in my lap to get up a little higher.  I know the time for holding her is short.
Likes: She loves bunnies, turtles, ducks, fire trucks, the trash truck, baby dolls, vacuuming,  and hide and seek. She's enamored with her cousin, and loves looking through her photo book. Part of our night time routine now includes looking for the moon, which is intriguing to her. This summer we've been spending lots of time at the library, pool, ocean, and stopping by the farm to see bunnies whenever we can.
Stats:  I'm guessing she's around 25 pounds, and she is still wearing 18 month clothes, although the 18-24 month clothes are starting to fit.  It's hard to believe that she will be two in October, and I'm treasuring these sweet months!

Weekend Highlights

Our weekend was filled with sand and sea salt, twirling, bunny shoes, firetruck videos, hide and seek, Skyping with my sister, the husband and SC playing in the rain, towers, vacuuming, naps and lots and lots of  books.  It was a weekend to remember the sweet slow days of summer.

Five for Friday!

Happy Friday! I'm a bit late with my post because my parents just left after a day visit, and even though it was brief, it was so nice to have a little time with them.  It was very relaxed, and I kept the cooking really simple with some bbq chicken and Skinny Taste's Cucumber Greek Salad.  

Here are a few things that have caught my eye lately!

Have you all heard of Brandless?  The idea is that everything is $3, and a lot of it is supposed to be organic.  I want to try their peanut butter for SC because it is just peanuts and sea salt (no palm oil or sugar).
I know there was a lot of hype over Amazon Prime Day, but I didn't feel like there were too many deals that I was interested in.  They did have Wee Baby Stella on sale, which I bought as an early birthday gift for my niece.  SC got one last year and she loves it.  I also think it is absolutely adorable!
SC loves her doll, and I'm excited because my mom is sewing her baby doll a few new clothes!

Speaking of dolls, I'm thinking of buying SC the Sleepy Time Scents doll when we go to Maine.  I think it would be fun for her to play with on the plane, and I'm hoping it would be something special to add to her night time routine.  Can you tell that I liked dolls as a child and am willing to indulge SC?  She really does love baby dolls though.  When we were at story time, she saw another toddler's dolly, and after that she was so preoccupied.
I also looked at the Nordstrom sale online, and there wasn't really anything that got me excited.  I noticed that the Swell water bottles are reduced, so I might pick one up for a gift, but I think that's it.
Have a wonderful weekend!  It's sweltering here, so I have a feeling we will be spending lots of time at the pool!

Lighting Ideas for SC's Room!

When we first bought our house, we had big plans to update most of our light fixtures, but then apathy set in.  Quite frankly, they have started to grow on me, and except for two of them, I'm not exactly sure what I want to update them with.  Basically, I feel that whatever I choose I'll want to update again in a few years anyways, so we're just taking our time.  But, I am definitely not a fan of the basic overhead light in SC's room, and so here are a few light fixtures that I think might look nice in her room.

This is a very basic drum light from PBK, but I like the little pink ribbon detail.  Of course, I'm also pretty sure she will decide she doesn't like pink very soon, so we would have to change this fixture out eventually.  But I do really like it!
My husband would never be on board with this (and I also know SC would probably tire of this), but isn't this a pretty light fixture? I think it is so beachy looking.
I'm hoping we will end up going with something like this; it's very simple, so hopefully neutral enough to serve us for a long time!
Anybody have any thoughts or suggestions?