Inspiration Ideas for SC's Bunny Party!

One of the things that I've spent way to much time thinking about lately is SC's upcoming second birthday party!  Her interests include bunnies, firetrucks, dolls and trains, but her love of all things bunnies has been the most enduring, so that's the theme we settled on.  Instead of doing a traditional birthday party at our house, we decided to do a celebration at the park when we go visit my husband's family and another little party with my side of the family later in October when my sister flies in to visit.  It seems a bit crazy, but we decided on this because we don't really have a free weekend in October until the very end of the month and it will also be easier on our families.  Our first little celebration is in two weeks, so I realized I needed to hop on it!

Originally I had ordered this sweet dress for SC, but I don't think it will get here in time, so I went ahead and ordered this little outfit.  I spent a ridiculous amount of time searching for her little bunny ensemble, but I think it will be fun for her to have something special to wear.
We're keeping it really simple and doing just cake with a fruit and veggie platter, but I'm hoping to make the table cute.  Here's my inspiration for the cake.  It doesn't seem too difficult, and I think it is just adorable.
I'm also thinking these mini donuts should make a debut.
To decorate the park area, I'm thinking we should add lots of balloons and I'd love to make up some tissue paper pom poms.  We will see how it all goes though, since we will be traveling.  No matter what, I can't wait to celebrate our sweet girl with our family!

A Trip to the Sand Dunes!

I thought I was going to be back on the blogging bandwagon, but somehow I haven't posted since the beginning of September!  It's funny because I keep thinking of things I'd like to post about, but just get distracted by other things around the house during nap time.  Our days have fallen back into a routine and have been kept full with lots of trips to the park, library and farm, with the necessary trips to the grocery store and Target thrown in.  It's nothing earth shattering, but I am so very thankful for it and really try not to take it for granted.

One thing a bit our of the usual routine is we checked out the sand dunes at the Outer Banks with SC last weekend. The only other time I have been was on our honeymoon, but my husband went pretty frequently as a child, so it was especially fun to see her explore.  And we were able to stop by our favorite pizza and ice cream place, which my husband and I pretty much think is worth the trip alone!  Seriously, the apple pie ice cream is so good.  We unfortunately didn't bring the good camera, but that didn't stop us from over-documenting our little excursion! 
At first, I wasn't sure if we would make it to the actual dunes because SC was so mesmerized by all the sand around her.
To speed things along, she got a little lift.
Once she saw the giant sand dunes, she was determined to climb them herself.  To see her plodding her own little path in the sand really moved me.  She is such a determined little soul.
She absolutely was a fan!
It really was such a special afternoon!

Snapshots from Maine

Well, I ended up taking such a long break off from blogging! I'm not sure if anyone is actually still reading, but I thought I'd share a few pictures from Maine.
My husband's grandma grew up in Maine, and his grandparents bought a little cottage there to spend summers, so it was extra special to take SC to a place that is so dear to my husband's side of the family.  We did lots of toddler friendly activities with a trip to the library and a visit to see a giant chocolate moose.
 We also did the traditional things that my husband's family does every year with a visit to the Portland Headlight and Two Lights.
There's also a horse racing track that we love to go to, and it was a nice activity for everyone.
And of course, we spent lots of time at the beach!  We were lucky because the weather was really gorgeous while we were there.
How have you been lately? We've been hosting family and friends once we got back home, and I really can't believe that Labor Day is upon us! I hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend!

Packing for Maine!

When I flew to Florida with SC in February, I felt like I had way too much stuff with me that I didn't really need, and it seemed to just make things a little more stressful.  (SC and I also had bad colds too, so that certainly didn't help.)  With those experiences behind me, I'm attempting to try to not over pack quite so much.  This trip should also be easier because my husband is coming along and SC is no longer drinking milk from bottles.  I have high hopes that it won't be too much of a circus, but I know that by the time we make it through the plane and bus rides we are all going to be pretty bedraggled.  

With that said, here's what I have in my carry-on so far. For entertainment we have two mini books, play doh, a sticker book, one board book, a mini puzzle, a new baby doll with diaper and bottle, an egg with a new Little People figurine inside, window clings and her beloved bunny.
 It seems like a crazy amount of stuff, but it condenses to one gallon ziploc bag, plus the book and doll.  Of course, I'm also bringing an Ipad, which will most likely be the key entertainment,  But with three and a half hours of sitting on the plane/bus, I feel like we need to have a few toys in our arsenal.
 For the necessities, I'm bringing wipes, diapers and an outfit change.
I plan on also bringing her sippy cup, a million food pouches, lots of Aunt Annie's individual sized snacks, a water bottle, changing pad, birth certificate and my super small cross-body purse.  Even scaling down, it has certainly filled a backpack! Any additional ideas?  I thought it'd be helpful to do this post, because every time I pack, I'm scrambling to think back to what I did before.  I guess that's what happens when you don't travel on the plane that frequently!

Weekend Recap: Friends and Baseball!

This past weekend was a fun one for us!  On Friday morning, my friend and her family arrived for a visit!  I always love seeing our two kiddos together.  We've been really good friends since freshmen year of college, and it's so sweet to go through similar stages together.  After lunch and nap time, we hit up the beach and then stopped by our favorite pizza place on the way home!
Saturday we visited the aquarium, which both of the tots enjoyed.
After nap time, we decided to go to the park and then my husband found a nice restaurant for dinner that was child friendly, but the food was also really good!  We don't usually go out very often, so finding a good local place is always exciting. They headed out that evening, but I'm hoping to go visit them in about a month to celebrate my friend's son's birthday.
Sunday was so relaxing, with just some quiet playtime, a trip to Target and then a baseball game that afternoon!  Our realtor actually hosted the event, and SC loved it! I think she might not have realized that an actual game was going on, as she was super excited about all of the watermelon and snacks.
My husband was excited to take her to her first game!
It was such a fun family outing for all of us!
How was your weekend?

Weekend Recap!

As I mentioned on Friday, my parents and sister came to visit this weekend!  I know I'm fortunate that I get to see my parents a lot, and considering that my sister is a plane ride away, I get to see her pretty frequently too.  But I still really cherish our time together and saying goodbye is always a little tough.  Fortunately, my sister is coming back at the end of August, so I'm looking forward to that!

SC was a lucky lady with her doting aunt and grandparents meeting all of her heart's desires.  
 Saturday was rainy, but we still managed a little neighborhood walk and bubbles.
That morning, my husband and dad also took care of SC while my mom, sister and I got to go do a little shopping.  I thoroughly enjoyed our little Saturday excursion, and thankful to the husband who is always happy to host his in-laws.
Sunday it was a beautiful day, so off to the park we went!
 I am so lucky to have my two sweet Sarahs!