Five for Friday: My favorites at Trader Joe’s

So last Friday, I mentioned that I felt like a Trader Joe’s run needed to happen soon for some reasonably priced flowers. The truth though is that when we lived in Arlington we were about one mile away from one, but I didn’t go there that often.  But there are a few things that Trader Joe’s sells that you just can’t get anywhere else.  So after five months of living down here, I decided to finally take the thirty minute trip there, and it didn’t disappoint!  The store is spacious and SC seemed to enjoy the trip herself (I didn’t waste any time like I do at Target).  So even though I know you are not curious, here are the things that I love at Trader Joe’s.

Everyone loves Trader Joe’s mandarin orange chicken.  It took me a while before I discovered it, but it is good and an easy meal paired with rice and broccoli. It is their top selling item for a good reason!

My husband and I are obsessed with this kettle corn.  I think we probably just like kettle corn, but for some reason this stuff seems especially good. As a side note, I also got their white cheddar popcorn, and it seems better than what I usually buy too.
I became obsessed with the dark peanut butter cups last year for some reason (well, I don’t think it’s any mystery;  I love chocolate and peanut butter).  They are not a health food, but definitely a decadent treat. I had to arrange the last few pieces for this picture, so probably shouldn't be buying these again anytime soon.
I love their red Thai curry sauce.  I’ve blogged about how yummy the red Thai curry recipe is before, but it is one of my favorite meals to make in the fall and winter.  It is a comforting meal that is somewhat healthy and so easy to make. I seriously bought three jars. Another customer asked me if it was good, and like a crazy person I gave her the recipe while we were standing in the aisle.
Like everyone else, the real reason I would wander up to Trader Joe’s is for the inexpensive flowers.  You can get a beautiful orchid for under $15 and roses, tulips and hydrangeas for $5.  I bought two orchids last Tuesday, which may have been a bit crazy, but it is so much cheaper than Harris Teeter (the closest grocery store to us).
So thanks for bearing with me as I shared my list!  I definitely looked a bit bonkers as I filled my cart full of flowers and other frozen treats, but I think I’ve gotten my Trader Joe’s fix for a while! Is anybody else as obsessed?


Anonymous said...

Hi, I love getting my cards n flowers there. Foodwise- our favs are: choc. babka, pineapple
salsa, TJ's organic bbq sauce, popcorn with olive oil, frozen macarons, TJ's choc. covered peppermint jojos, Pizza 4 Formaggi, Frozen TJ's chicken potstickers (gyoza), frozen TJ's pork buns, TJ's dark choc. covered pretzels, just a handful of raw almonds, Barbara's puffins cinnamon cereal, TJ's frozen lemon tart, and so much more!!

Trista @ The Classy Chaos said...

I am so incredibly jealous that we do not have one! I would totally go for the flowers! Hope you have an awesome weekend!!

StephTheBookworm said...

We have a Trader Joe's too but it's 30 minutes away so we've only gone a couple of times. I'm very curious about that orange chicken though! Might have to make a trip out there soon.

violinista said...

YES to everything you got at TJs! I especially love the Mandarin orange chicken for an easy but yummy dinner. Ours is not far, so I have no excuse. For whatever reason though, I always forget to go:(

Melissa Fitch said...

Love Trader Joe's! They're our go to for cheese and crackers. We love their coconut shrimp, too. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

Elle Sees said...

I live near a couple of them but don't go nearly enough--the parking is awful! But I love the goodies! And thanks for your list. Some new-to-me ideas and I too get the flowers.