Five for Friday

Happy Friday! This week seemed short because at the beginning we had a few snow days, and it was really great to have some family time. Towards of the end of the week it warmed up and during nap time I finally organized our garage.  It isn't perfect, but it isn't a disaster anymore. It is amazing to think that we had nothing five months ago and now we are well on our way to acquiring our fair share of junk.  It felt really good to make a long-overdue trip to Goodwill.  Since the move, I haven't been super eager to get rid of things, but we definitely had some stuff that needed to be passed on!
We are finally getting a kitchen table!  For months now I had been debating if I should get a white or black table.  A few family members offered us some round tables, but my husband and I decided to hold out to get a piece that we really liked (read: the dumpster dive find from college wasn't going to make the cut). I was starting to despair that we would never find anything, but I found this table on sale from Target and we decided to just order.  I'm still not sure how it will look, but I'm crossing my fingers that it will work.
Speaking of home decor, I really want some fresh flowers now that all the Christmas things are put away. However, we have also spent an inordinate amount of money at the grocery store as of late, so I will be holding off and enjoying this candle centerpiece that my mom and dad gave me for Christmas.  Eventually a trip to Trader Joe's needs to happen though!
As I've previously mentioned, story time at the library is competitive and you have to sign up  as soon as registration opens.  I could tell that SC was really starting to enjoy it as she was becoming less shy, but the husband got to see first hand when they went to the library for the first time together.  Apparently once she realized where she was, she made a mad dash to the story time room and just stood there looking through the window forlornly.  I'm relieved that we were able to register for another six week session so that is in our near future!
One thing that SC has started doing is if I do a particularly good job with my singing and choreography, is clapping for me afterwards.  For the past few weeks Frosty the Snowman has been a favorite, but now it looks like if I am especially expressive reading books I also get a round of applause.  She likes my reading of Eric Carle's Opposites, with no less than five readings of it on Tuesday night followed by pretty enthusiastic clapping.  It is the funniest thing to me!

Even though I'm going into 2017 a bit reluctantly, I am excited about a new planner and a chance to get a little better organized.  While I used to pride myself on time management, I think that with SC I need to re-evaluate how I allocate my time.  If I don't plan for something, it won't magically happen, so I'm thinking I need to come up with at least a few tiny goals to make for myself each week.
This weekend we are heading to my parents' house to do a belated Christmas celebration and my sister is flying in for the visit.  I can't wait to spend time with everyone.  These past few weeks have been tough on my parents and I think it will be great to have this time together.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Annie said...

So glad you all will be together this weekend! Molly Anne has really gotten into books in the last few months and when I catch her reading by herself, I think it's about the cutest thing ever. Sounds like SC has gotten the book bug too!

Trista @ The Classy Chaos said...

Love the cold on that Planner!! And your kit hen table to be is beautiful. That's so awesome that she loves story time so much. What a relief you were able to sign up! That kind of stuff stresses me out. Have a fabulous weekend!

Sara Elizabeth Miller said...

I'm obsessed with that table!! I hope you love it!! It looks gorgeous in the picture!! The library is competitive? That's SO intense!!!! Glad it worked out!