Five for Friday

Well, this has been a long week!  SC's cold has dragged on, meaning that we were housebound for the most part.  The husband also got the cold (no surprise there), and I've been fighting it off the best I can with Airborne.  Parenthood is not exactly the most sanitary activity out there.  But the upside is that we all seem to be getting better and hopefully we will be up for something this weekend!
When I went home to visit my parents a few weekends ago my mom sent me back with my violin (it's finally time to get all of my things out of the perpetual storage that has been my parents' house!).  While I'm pretty horrible at playing, SC loves to hear Old MacDonald (honestly, I can't really play much else).  She goes into the closet where we store it and starts signing for more until I play.  Even though I think she might be just as enamored with the case as the actual violin, it's been fun to have this little distraction.  And yes, I not-so-secretly hope that maybe one day she might play the violin...or the viola...or cello!
Not surprisingly, I love Target's Cat and Jack line.  I had seen these adorable jackets a few months ago, but resisted since SC didn't need a jacket.  However, when I saw them on sale for nine dollars at my local store, I couldn't resist buying one for SC and my niece.  I love the little scallop edge and the polka dots.  So fancy for a toddler!
SC kindly modeled the 12 month one, so I could send a picture to my SIL
SC loves to pull books off of our bookshelf, and the other day she chucked my copy of Little Women.  I started reading the introduction, and of course then fell down the rabbit hole.  I've always loved Little Women (we even went and visited the Alcott home one summer), but one person in the family I had never really thought too much about is the mother, Abigail Alcott.  Truly, in the face of her husband's failed literary and Utopian society attempts, she was the practical partner who held everything together.  I'd really like to read her collection of  journals and letters, My Heart is Boundless.

To thank our neighbors for bailing us out when we locked ourselves out in the snow, I put together this little movie basket for them a few weeks ago.  I think The Life of Pi is one of the most beautifully done movies (not that I see that many!).
I picked up two Scoopback Ballet T-shirts at J.Crew last weekend for $5 a piece.  Considering SC will just be wiping banana on them, I was happy to update my wardrobe without breaking the bank. I did size up so they would be comfortable, but I do think they might genuinely run a bit small, as some reviewers were complaining that they were tight in the arms. Anyways, it's been fun to have something new to wear  around the house as SC attempts to catch the sun.
So that's what's new with me lately!  I hope everyone has a lovely (and healthy) weekend!


Elle Sees said...

I love that she wants you to play! I usually get shushed to NOT sing or play anything.

Andrea Nine said...

Such a sweetie pie and how sweet of a basket to take your neighbors. Great neighbors are the best!! have a sweet and cozy weekend!!

violinista said...

I wish my daughter asked me to play my violin! I stopped doing it awhile ago (she only years/sees me when I'm teaching, but she's usually playing with my student's mom) because she'd get mad at me...I suspect it's because I wasn't paying full attention to her. I am thinking I'll try again when she's around 2, though! Oh, and that movie basket you gave your neighbors...Great idea! Can we be neighbors? Haha

Annie said...

Ugh these colds do drag on forever. You are so sweet to think of your neighbors with that creative idea! Love your jcrew shirt too!

StephTheBookworm said...

I love her new jacket from Target - that is adorable! Boy clothes can be fun and super cute, but girls just have the best clothes. My mom has my Caleb, plus two other grandsons.. no granddaughters yet but is hoping for one. I just tell her, "we'll see!" Lol.

Laura Darling said...

I love Little Women too! Now I want to re-read it! Hope everyone is on the mend soon and that you have a great week!