House Tour: Our Kitchen

Since we finally have a kitchen table, I thought I would share how it actually looks in our space as well as the rest of the kitchen.  While I wouldn't have necessarily picked out these finishes and such for the kitchen, it is a nice work area and so much better than what we had in our apartment.  Finally we have cabinet space and more than one work station!  It is also is very functional for us, and I love how it is connected to the living room. When we bought the house, it looked like this, and the only thing we have changed so far is the paint.  We will eventually get a new light fixture and figure out window treatments, but I doubt we will do too much more.

The differences aren't too dramatic, but here is the before:
And here is the after with our new kitchen table! We paired it with some chairs that my parents were willing to let us use, and I think it looks ok.  Eventually we might upgrade to upholstered chairs, but with SC's eating habits right now, these are the way to go.
SC's high chair is tucked into the corner by the table, and I enjoy eating my breakfast with her.  She loves looking out the window, and we talk about the squirrels and birds.  Exciting times!
 From this angle, you can see the layout a bit better.The sink and dishwasher are in the kitchen island, so even when you are doing dishes you can look out the window or into the living room.
 One thing I never would have bought is a double oven, but it is surprisingly handy, and we use it pretty frequently. Also, finally having a fridge with an ice maker and water dispenser has been awesome.
I had saved two wine bottles from our wedding along with a vase we received for our wedding, and it's fun to actually have them displayed in this little corner.
So there is our little kitchen tour!  While I may have originally dreamed of an all-white kitchen, I've definitely fallen in love with this one.  It is such a happy and functional space to work in, despite the fact that I'm not exactly a gourmet chef!


Annie said...

Lovely! Thee paint made a big difference!

Elle Sees said...

So glad you are loving your space! I love that view, too!