Our Snow Adventure

This past weekend we got a bit of snow, which was perfect weather for cozying up and binge watching House of Cards.   I felt a bit under the weather at the end of last week, so the snow didn't really change our plans.  There was a bit of running around on Friday to make sure we had enough supplies (although there wasn't a snow shovel or ice melt to be had for miles around).  Saturday afternoon we decided to got outside to take a few pictures, but it ended up being quite the adventure of the weekend. First, a few pictures of   SC enjoying the snow.  It was something new, and she was fascinated by our little winter wonderland.

We decided to stay outside in the snow for awhile, and then headed in before SC could get too cold.  When we turned the knob on our backdoor it had automatically locked, which we had both forgotten about.  It didn't seem like too much of an issue though, since we can get in through the garage door...but then the keypad wasn't working.  It was then that we both started to panic and SC (probably sensing our worry and getting cold at this point) started crying.  We weren't really sure what to do because we knew a locksmith wouldn't be coming out in the weather, so we decided that the most rational option would be to try to use a brick to break through our backdoor.  Not our finest moment as homeowners.  But we didn't have the heart to break the glass (aka that glass is way stronger than you would think), so we headed over to our neighbor's house to try to get SC warm and figure out if they had any ideas.  We are both so glad that we did because they helped us realize it was just a battery issue with our garage keypad, so it was an easy fix. But it sure did feel pretty dramatic as we stood locked outside of our toasty house in the snow with a wailing toddler.  The upside of this whole adventure is we met some new neighbors and didn't actually damage our house...but what a homeowner fail on our end!  Needless to say, we spent the rest of the weekend safely ensconced in our house, with the exception of the husband spending hours shoveling the driveway on Sunday.  It's probably a good thing that this area doesn't usually get too much snow, because we are clearly not up for the challenge! Anybody else have any snow adventures?  Hopefully none as exciting as ours!


Annie said...

Your home is GORGEOUS!!! And SC looks so adorable in the snow! We have to keep a key hidden because our doors lock easily and opposite how most do. Highly recommend! ;) Glad yall have nice neighbors that helped but I can imagine that was scary feeling!

MWH said...

That is a good story! RJ and I locked ourselves out but it was VERY late and we had been out drinking. He picked up a rock to break the glass, but couldn't bring himself to do it. Then I remembered that we had a maintenance man that day and I couldn't get the basement door shut all the way. Thank goodness it was opened!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Aw SC looks so cute bundled up! I'm so glad it all worked out in the end. And total bonus on getting to know the neighbors. But definitely get yourself a hide-a-key of some sort just in case. I have had to use mine before - it happens to the best of us. XOKK