Sarah Catherine is 15 Months!

Yesterday Sarah Catherine turned 15 months, so I couldn't resist an opportunity to do a quick post!
Stats: Probably around 24/25 pounds.  She was weighed  a few weeks ago at the allergist and she was 23 pounds, so she is probably around that.  She is wearing 12-18 month clothing and some 18 month clothes (but the pants usually drag to the ground so she isn't quite in them). She also has 12 teeth!
SC took a step or two on Halloween, but really started walking in mid-November.  I think story time helped her because she saw all the other toddlers walking about and wanted to be part of the fun.

She knows the word stinky and whenever there is something smelly she will put her finger to her nose and sniff.  It is hilarious and makes a part of me think we should start thinking about potty training, but I'm not sure if I'm up for all of that just yet.

She also knows her nose, toes, ears and belly button!

My FIL gave her a slide for Christmas and she can climb all the way up it, so between that and the stairs, she is keeping us on our toes!
Dislikes: When SC seems the vacuum, she will wave bye-bye to it because she is afraid of it.  She doesn’t like loud noises, with the exception of the hair dryer.  She is also a bit afraid of dogs (she hates the barking), which we are trying to work on. The husband's dream is to get a dog, so I'm hoping she will outgrow this soon.
She loves getting and giving claps.  She will clap when you finish singing or reading a book or just when anything delights her.
When she sees bananas, grapes and tomatoes at the grocery store, she furiously starts signing more and turning around in the cart to get at the food.  So grocery shopping is especially fun these days…She is very determined to get something once she decides she wants it.  One day, she found a 2 pound bag of grapes in the grocery bags, pulled it out and then hauled it around the house to make sure she got her point across.  Yup, SC’s favorite foods are bananas, grapes, tomatoes and whatever you might be sampling at the time.

Ever since she turned one I have been really anxious for her to give up the bottle, but a few weeks ago I came to the conclusion that she just needs a little bit more time with it.  We’ve been struggling with trying to figure out straws and sippy cups, and it had been pretty frustrating for both of us.  I had hoped that since her cleft palate had been repaired that she would be able to use a regular sippy cup, but they just weren’t working for her.  I finally went back to the 360 cup and she seems to be able to use that and we are also just practicing with a regular cup.  She is getting there, and now that we’ve given up the whole quest to drink out of a straw, I feel so much less stressed.  Sadly, my mom had been gently suggesting just moving to cup drinking the entire time, but I had to hear this from the cleft palate clinic coordinator for it to really sink in.

Speech:  Mama is still her go to word, but we’ve been working with a speech therapist to try to be as proactive with her speech development as possible. She is slowly starting to make a few more sounds, and her comprehension is there which is reassuring.

Allergies:  She has been officially cleared to have egg, so that is one less thing to worry about! She is still allergic to milk but can have baked milk.  She has adjusted fine to the almond milk, which has really helped. It is hard to believe that change has happened relatively recently. I am so glad to have the pumping and formula behind us!
We are so thankful for our dear girlie!

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saw said...

Lovely post with such cute pictures of SC! She definitely is a happy little toddler!