Five for Friday!

Thank you for everyone's kind comments on Monday! SC is on the mend, and we have resumed our trips to the park, errands, and story time.  I didn't realize how attached I was to our little routine!

I guess to wrap up the month of January, I should mention the small progress I've made organization wise.  I finally decided to unsubscribe from a decent amount of retailers, and it has actually made a difference.  Before I thought I enjoyed getting those emails, but now I realize that they are just clutter in my inbox (or temptation for whatever sort of deal they are promoting).  I'm still subscribed to a few, but just getting off the list of about 15 retailers made a positive difference for the better! And I just checked out The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, so maybe I will make some more progress this February!
I also tackled organizing our spice cabinet and pantry.  While it isn't perfect, it is substantially more functional.  I store some of our medicine and vitamins downstairs, so just having two separate bins (one for us and one for SC), and getting them separated from the spices was a tremendous step forward.  While I know there are pretty containers elsewhere, I was excited that these from the Dollar Store serve the purpose.
These little narrow bins are awesome because they streamlined all of the bulky boxes and are the perfect size!
Last weekend we decided to watch Boyhood. I know it has been out for awhile, and I had been wanting to see it, but had just never gotten around to it.  I thought it was well done, but at times I wondered if the movie title was referring to the father's extended boyhood or the son's!
My mother-in-law's birthday was yesterday, and while we ordered a gift, I forgot to get her card in the mail.  That was a gentle reminder to make sure I get all of the birthday cards lined up for this month, so I stocked up on a few more.
And with February comes Valentine's Day!  I ordered a few of these to send out to relatives, but I need to get them in the mail soon, because Valentine's Day is going to be here before I turn around!
How have you been doing lately?  Anybody else feel like February is going to just fly by?

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StephTheBookworm said...

Good for you for getting all organized! I've been into decluttering and organizing a lot lately too. It gives me a huge sense of relief.

What a cute little Valentine card. She's so adorable.