SC's First Plane Ride!

I know it is pretty crazy, but our trip to Florida was SC's first plane ride.  I was pretty apprehensive, but honestly the plane ride ended up kind of being the least of our concerns, as SC started coming down with a cold again the day we flew to Florida.  Despite being sick, she was a trooper through the whole thing.  We had a delay and she got a little fussy because her cold was getting worse, but flying really didn't seem to be an issue.
They gave us TSA pre-check which made security super quick.
Even though SC wasn't feeling her best, she still enjoyed looking at the planes with her grandma.
The flight was only about half full, so that helped.  She slept for most of the flight, and the remainder was spent pulling the window shade up and down and playing with the window clings.  She honestly didn't need too much entertainment, but at least I was prepared!  We are hoping to go to Maine this summer, and if we end up flying, I am going to try to jettison as much stuff as possible. SC really would have been happy with just one or two books, window clings, and a plastic egg, plus the ipad as entertainment backup.  I also brought along a huge pack of wipes, when just a few packs of 10 would have been ample.  For this trip, I definitely went the better safe than sorry route!
Of course, by the time this summer rolls around, I'm sure SC's interests and needs will be different and anything I think I figured out, will go out the window! 


Annie said...

Great job SC!!

Elle Sees said...

Yay!! Happy to hear how it went!! Sounds like she's a pro.