Easter Egg Sign Hunt!

While I don't think that SC is quite ready for a huge egg hunt, she is pretty obsessed with plastic eggs, so I thought it would be fun to put a few in the backyard for her to find.
I kept seeing these cute little egg hunt signs at Target, and I decided to go ahead and just buy them.  I know that they are something you could make, but I felt like it was worth the three dollars not to have to try.  I had visions of SC running to the eggs and having a grand time amidst the little markers. I even put her in a cute dress and thought I'd snap a few photos to send the grandparents.
And then I put them out, and she happily pulled all of the little signs out of the ground, completely ignoring the eggs!  To help out with the game, I futilely ran around trying to stick the signs back into the ground.
Two signs have already been demolished and it isn't even April.  But she had a grand time!
We will see if she does any better come Easter day; by then won't have any cute little signs to distract her!


MCW said...

By the time you bought all of the materials to make the signs it would probably be more than $3! I think that was a good purchase :)

Annie said...

She is soooo sweet in that dress!!!