Five for Friday: Spring in my Step!

The weather has been so nice that SC has been getting her fair share of time at the park and then some! We also did a little shopping to refresh things around the house...I probably shouldn't be visiting a TJ Maxx or a Home Goods for awhile.  I actually do go there for specific reasons, but then I walk out with a whole bunch of other things!
On trash day, I noticed that one of our neighbors had a little pedestal table out for pick up.  I kept on driving, but on my way back home, I decided to investigate.  It was missing a top, but I happened to have a piece of glass from another table that I don't really like and need to refinish anyways.  This is probably not exactly the best way to go about furnishing our house, but I was excited!
Last week, I stopped by our children's thrift store, and I picked up this toy for SC.  I thought it would be fun for her kitchen toys, and it was also still in its original packaging. It is supposed to be a beach toy (and we will definitely use it as that too), but she has also loved just playing with it around the house.  I thought maybe it would be too simple, but for some reason, taking the tops on and off the cupcakes keep her pretty entertained.
I picked up this cute print from Target, and I love how it adds a little color to our guest room. 
 I also bought this print for our master bedroom.  I haven't really decorated the space, but I thought this would be fun...because how many pictures of SC can one possibly display?
For Lent I am going jogging every day.  Wednesday wasn't the smoothest start, as my head really hurt, so I started on Thursday.  For extra motivation, I picked up this KS activity tracker at TJ Maxx, after reading about how Ashley at One Fine Day really likes hers. So far it is making me feel fancy!
We don't have any weekend plans, so I'm hoping we can catch up with some things around the house and such!  I hope you have a wonderful one!

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Annie said...

Love your new home additions! The prints are super cute!