Five for Friday!

Happy Friday!  We've had a quiet week with the only excitement from SC coming down with a bit of a cold on Wednesday night. I'm assuming she got sick from the toy carrot she licked at the library, but it could also have been her attempt to eat random things she finds off the driveway.  I doubt we will be cracking that mystery any time soon, so here are my five for Friday!
Aldi had a grand opening near us last Thursday, and I have high hopes that shopping there will help us reduce our grocery bill.  Our closest grocery store is Harris Teeter, which is nice, but I feel the prices can be absurdly high for a grocery store.  It is super close to us, so we are always going there for last minute items, but it drives my husband crazy.  I was impressed with Aldi when we went to visit, although I splurged on a few fresh flowers, so slashing the grocery budget could be a slow process. I think I've also mentally  "reallocated" the money we will save about ten times too!
I had two extra large picture frames lying around that I couldn't figure out a real use for,  so I decided to put some wrapping paper in the frames to see if I could use them for something then.  I felt kind of silly, but once I did that I realized that one would be a perfect little "tray" to use in my closet.
The other one was too big for the shelf to work as a tray, so I just set it in the background to add a little color.  Even though it is truly a small thing I was excited to make the shelves look a little more pulled together and also to eliminate random junk just sitting around.
Despite the fact that I did a pretty decent cleaning out of my closet last week, I still feel like I have nothing to wear.  It took me awhile, but when I was working, I created a bit of a "uniform" for myself with a pencil skirt, sweater, and scarf or necklace.  I can't seem to find something similar that works for me casually. In a moment that can only be described as a mid-life crisis I decided to buy (and keep) this top.  For some reason I actually like it, but the husband is not a fan, and I know it looks ridiculous.  Oh well, the other moms at the park can just stare at my ruffled disaster.
Something that isn't a complete disaster is this dress from Old Navy.  It's easy to wear for every day, and I added a scarf and wore it to church last Sunday.
To go with our pork chops on Wednesday night, I used this simple recipe to make baked apples and they turned out exactly how I had hoped!  My parents love baked apples, so I can't wait to make this for them.  In other cooking news, I also tried making the two ingredient banana pancakes for SC's breakfast.  While they weren't picture perfect, they turned out pretty good and SC seemed moderately enthused about them.
Well, that's all I have for this Friday, so I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


Annie said...

Tell your hubby he's crazy -- that top is adorable!! Love the dress too. Hope SC gets better soon!

Amanda Faith said...

I'm going to have to try that apple recipe, thanks for sharing! I really like that dress from
old Navy and will put it on my spring clothes wish list. We have been cutting down on our grocery list too since the new year and I'll share a tip with ya.. sit down and take 30-45 minutes one day to plan out meals, each meal for each day, and buy maybe 1 extra meals ingredients to put in the fridge in case. We live an hour from the closest grocery store and we don't have Aldi, but this is what we've been doing and it's helped so much with leaving things behind and also with eating cleaner. We have a little pad on the fridge that says "all out of".. I believe I got it at World Market and every time We're close to running out or run out of something we add that to the list and before we take the big grocery trip of the week we run through the house and cabinets and make sure we got everything. Mainly because we can't just run down the street ;) but also to save money! Hope that helps

StephTheBookworm said...

We are obsessed with Aldi. We get about 90% of our groceries there. There are just a few things that we can't get from them but we love it. Great quality, great staff, and amazing prices. We spend less than $100 a week on groceries/household items (including diapers, shampoo, toiletries, etc.) because we shop there.

I love what you made with those frames. The pattern on that wrapping paper is adorable and I love it. My planner looks kinda like it!

Elle Sees said...

I need to check out Aldi! I've never been to one! Ever. Love the idea of using the frame as a tray! I do that all the time, esp for blog pics.