Life Lately!

Before next weekend comes around, I wanted to do a little life lately!

The past two Fridays, I've done "Fajita Fridays", which seriously brings me so much amusement.  I love Mexican food, so that's probably a large part of why it makes me happy, but it also somehow just seems fun.  SC also thinks it is hilarious and giggles every time I roll up her tortilla. We won't be doing this every single Friday, but I have really enjoyed the last two Fridays!
Yes, I realize this technically isn't a fajita...
We went to church on Sunday, but this time tried our luck at the nursery.  It didn't last, so I think she will just be sticking with us in a pew outside the sanctuary and then we will visit the nursery when she gets restless.  At least we tried though! 

After church we headed to Williamsburg to meet up with my parents, brother, sister-in-law and niece! My niece is getting more interactive and SC is definitely more interested! Our drive home was gorgeous.  It makes me so happy that the husband's work schedule means we actually have weekends together and we can do these things as a family.
On Monday, SC and I drove back to Williamsburg to spend the day with my parents and had such a nice time.  We went to the pool and she loved it.  She also just eats up  all of the extra attention.
Today we went to a "stay and play" at the library, which SC enjoyed.  I think it is so nice that they do these types of programs and am seriously so grateful for our libraries.  We are having another little toddler over this afternoon for a play date, which is always entertaining.  Tomorrow my parents and sister are coming up to visit for my birthday, so I will be signing off for the rest of the week.  I'm so excited to be able to host them and have this time together! I hope you all have a lovely rest of the week and weekend!


MCW said...

SC looks like such a joyful baby!

And Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day and week...

Annie said...

Happy Birthday friend!

Elle Sees said...

I can see your mom in you and SC!! Happy birthday!!

Elizabeth | The Lovely Latte said...

Happy Birthday! I love SC with her fajita!

Elizabeth | The Lovely Latte