St. Patrick's Day and Birthday Celebrations!

Last Thursday my parents and sister came to visit us!  The time together was low key, and centered around SC as usual.  My parents headed back on Friday morning, but my sister stayed so we could have some extra time together.  Friday, our main outing was a quick trip to Old Navy, which wasn't terribly amusing to SC.   My sister bought me some cute pairs of socks and a shirt for SC, and I did a quick return.  That evening we took a few pictures to document that we were all wearing green for St. Patrick's Day!
Saturday morning we picked up some birthday breakfast at Chick Fila and then  packed up and drove to my parents for birthday celebrations!  My brother grilled burgers, we visited, and took turns entertaining SC and my niece.
I love how my husband is standing in the back...a safe distance from all the candles!
Having the time together was such a gift and I felt thoroughly celebrated.  My mom, sister and husband all have birthdays at the end of May, so I better start planning now!

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Annie said...

How fun!! Glad you had a well deserved birthday!