Five for Friday!

It almost feels like it has taken me the whole week to recover from all of the Easter fun! Since SC had such a busy past few days, we have been taking this week slow with lots of blowing bubbles in the backyard, story time and the usual errands.

In addition to the Easter gifts that my husband and I got her, my parents also got her a pink polka dot tent!  While it's definitely not gender neutral, I love it and so does SC!  It's become a  cozy little reading nook for her.
One of my friends is having a baby in a few weeks, so I got the crazy idea to try to cross stitch a little something for her baby boy.  It's become way more time consuming than I realized, so I'll probably be talking about this again, but I've been hard at work trying to make progress on this thing! So far I've only finished the border and one of the arrows...
I love sending cards, but  they can get pricey quickly. I can easily drop $15 on just a few cards, which is kind of insane.  Awhile ago, my sister gently suggested I try checking out the Dollar Store, and it has helped save a bit of money.  This week, I was able to pick up some for Mother's Day, so we are slowly getting ready for that holiday! May is a big month in our family, so I'm trying to start early because I always end up feeling a bit overwhelmed.
While I've still made a few trips to my beloved Target, I have really enjoyed shopping at Aldi lately.  One thing that is a bummer is that they really rotate different specialty items quickly, so you have to jump on it.  I tried this flatbread a week ago, and was sad to see on Thursday that it was just a one-time deal.  At least it is fun to try different foods that way, but next time I'm stocking up if I see anything I think might be good!
For some reason, I feel like our house is starting to feel a little more homey.  My sister bought me some prints that I finally hung in SC's bathroom.  My husband stocked up on frames when he stopped by IKEA last week, so we're hoping to get a few more things hung up this weekend.  It's funny how just having something on the walls makes such a difference!
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  We have a play date this morning, and I expect the rest of our weekend will be pretty low key.  After all of the excitement last weekend, I'm looking forward to it!


Elle Sees said...

I love the tent!!! The girls have a tent and still use it every day to play in. It has a tunnel too, but they play with that separately for some reason. Love the house decor updates!

StephTheBookworm said...

I am a diehard Aldi's fan! I go every single week. We save so much money there. I always buy my cards at the Dollar Store too. They are good quality and only 50 cents... love it!

I love that cross stitch design you chose!

Happy Friday!

ACL said...

We used to go to Aldi all the time when we lived in Ireland I haven't found a new one near us in London but I really miss it -the chocolate!!! Lovelovelove that you send cards , I know it gets pricey but there is just nothing like a handwritten note I am super into making some of my own cards too. Have a great weekend xx

Annie said...

I get cards at the dollar store too! Saves so much! Post pics of everything you get hung! Would love to see! Happy weekend!