Five for Friday

Happy Friday!  It's been a pretty quiet week with SC getting over her cold, but here are my five!
Before all of the rain, I went and picked some roses from our garden.  How they managed to come back is beyond me, but I'm so excited to have flowers in the house (that I didn't have to buy at the grocery store)!
While perusing the Target dollar spot, I spied these little necklaces for three dollars.  Not only do I think that is a reasonable price, but it will be easy to slip into a card and not cost a ton to mail.  I thought I'd share, in case anyone else has been on the lookout for a small gift to send.  I'm sending one to my SIL and a friend who both had baby girls this past year.
They also had this cute little ceramic catchall, which was three dollars.  I'm still working on putting my mom's gift together, but she is definitely getting this!
On Tuesday evening I finally got my hair cut!  It had been since last September, and I was dying to get it trimmed.  It actually feels lighter, and it will be great for summer.  I also enjoyed the 15 minute drive there and back by myself in my VW bug.  It's funny because the husband drives it for work now and always thinks its a special treat when he gets to drive our Honda CRV, and I always get excited about driving the bug.  It makes me feel young!

I've been working  on trying to understand my camera better, but it now feels like I mainly just figured out exactly how much I don't know!  Does anyone have any favorite websites or tutorials they enjoy?

I hope everyone has a very happy weekend!  We are hoping to take a trip to the beach, so we will see how that goes!


Elle Sees said...

I love those little necklaces. I love dainty jewelry. And hearts! That dish is gorgeous. I love fresh flowers.

Annie said...

Those flowers are gorgeous! Glad you got a little me time this week for your haircut! That always does a mama well!