SC is 18 Months: A Few Sweet Things!

Last week SC turned a year and a half!  I remember last year at this time she seemed so big, and I knew that soon I would be looking back and thinking how little she really was.  I will probably feel the same way about this time a year from now, so I'm really savoring this sweet time. While it is easy to think that I will remember everything forever, I know I will forget in just a few weeks, so I thought it'd be fun to record a few highlights. Thanks for indulging me!
Whenever we say a word SC recognizes, she does the sign for it.  My husband's favorite is when she does "the chicken" (I was being silly with her one day, and she caught on to it).  I love it best when she makes the hop hop motion for bunny.  She also knows the signs for stinky, plane, elephant, giraffe, dog, baby, please, more, jump, eat, tired/sleepy, flower and ball.  We haven't taught her all the body parts yet, but she knows her nose, ears, eyes, mouth, hair and belly button. I am not very consistent with signing, but she really catches on to a sign if we introduce her to it. We are working on her speech, but this has been a nice bridge to keep her from getting too frustrated.
When we pray, she knows to put her hands together, but we are still working on the whole closing the eyes. When we went to visit my parents, my mom said "let's say prayer" and SC immediately put her hands together.  Normally, our family holds hands, but we all clasped them instead which was kind of funny to see how quickly we changed up our routine!
Maybe we go to Target too much (we do), but whenever we go, she knows she gets a banana, so she will immediately start signing "eat" and pointing to where we should go.

She's also become quite the mimic, and will pretend to brush her hair, put on foundation, use deodorant,  and put on lotion.  She will also go and get your shoes and stand by the door when she wants to go outside.  It's amazing to me what she observes!

She adores all things bunny and will be very serious about "feeding" her stuffed animals toy carrots, water from her sippy cup, etc.  She loves bubbles, watching the trash truck in action, and seeing the school buses go by when we visit the park in the afternoon. Bath time is also a winning activity, as well as story time.  Some of her current favorite books are One Duck Stuck, The Little Engine that Could, How Do I Love You, Baby's Boat, and the Baby Lit Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility. With spring time, we've been talking about flowers, and I actually think it would be really fun to get her this book.
We just love our little girlie so!


Elle Sees said...

Swoon! I love the update on her!! She's such a cutie pie!

Annie said...

She is such a sweet babydoll! She is growing so much but these days are extra special! Smart girl with all of her signing!!!

Andrea Nine said...

What a sweet, precious angel! I miss my boys at that age, a really fun one when they've started talking and exploring. Love the giggles too.

StephTheBookworm said...

She is SO CUTE! I love that she knows so many signs - that's awesome! Caleb really only knows "more," but it's the cutest thing.