Scenes from the Weekend!

This weekend started out nice and relaxed, and then SC got sick on Saturday night, and that colored the rest of the weekend.  However, Saturday morning was still great, with just the three of us hanging out, and then we took a  quick trip to the mall and library downtown.
I really wanted to take a few photos, since SC turned 18 months last week, but she just wasn't having it.  Being outside with all the rocks and potential bubble opportunities was just way to exciting.
Saturday night was more eventful than any of us would have liked, as she was pretty miserable, but she seems to be getting a bit better. It was really hard to get her down on Saturday night, and I should have given her some Tylenol to help control pain, but I didn't realize what was going on early enough.  After she got pretty upset, my husband sat with her and it was so sweet hearing him comfort her (and such a relief when she did go down).  I got my turn at the fun when she woke up again around midnight, but eventually we were able to get her calm.  As not fun as these moments are, a part of me also never wants to forget how comforting we are to her. My mom gave us a humidifier the last time she came down with her first cold, and it was so helpful to have that and some Vick's solution on hand at one in the morning.
Sunday was super low key with books on our bed, snuggles with bunny, a stuffed animal party and an extended bubble bath. I'm thinking that we will be taking this week really slowly, but I'm thankful that we can do that.  How was your weekend? Hopefully everyone is healthier!


saw said...

The stuffed animal party looks like so much fun!!! :)

Annie said...

Hope she feels better soon!

Elle Sees said...

Sorry she wasn't feeling well! I love that pink color on her--that is her color!!